Style around the world: Fashion trends in different countries

Trends and styles vary greatly from country to country, and also from city to city. Whether you travel to Russia, Berlin or Tel Aviv, the drastic differences in fashion are likely to give someone a little culture shock. Whether you are planning to travel the world, or just interested in the way in which in other countries, below are some major cities and which of the current trends are there.

  • St. Petersburg: When it comes to Russian style, it is about dressing up. No matter where you are, even if you just want to wear sweat pants, they are better cute Victoria's secret sweat pants, not the ugly gray ones that make you look like an American. If a woman wants to fit in, she should have her hair, makeup and nails done perfectly always. Russian women like to look good. They prefer sexy clothes, like stylish jeans and low tops. If it is cold (it will of course be cold), you should wear a coat that goes up to the waist, tight jeans and very high heels. If you want to stand out you can wear flat shoes if you are a woman and sneakers if you are a man. Sneakers are only suitable if you go to the gym. That being said, the Russians make style, but it doesn't necessarily have to be expensive style. You can just as well get wholesale dresses as long as they look expensive.
  • Tel Aviv: Israel is an interesting place, and you will find that the country is filled with many different styles. But in general, Israeli style is about comfort. It is actually quite the opposite of Russian style. You will very rarely see an Israeli girl wearing very high stiletto heels, even to a nightclub. Israeli style is quite casual, even hippie like. It is common to see both men and women sporty locks, wearing vintage clothing. Women like to wear loose fitting denim shorts, cute dresses that they can ride on and always comfortable sandals. Israel is generally a very hilly place, so comfortable shoes are a must. Israel is so relaxed with its style that you will probably see people wearing jeans at weddings.
  • Berlin: Berlin is a great fashion capital, and here you see some funky trends that you won't see anywhere else. There are some great trends that are popular in Berlin, but "hipster" is definitely in. This is a city that definitely knows how to party, and the fashion you see in the streets shows it. The style can be described as anything but mainstream, not matching and everything goes. They are in 80s clothes, high sneakers, several layers of clothes and laughing hair. The style has something of a Tokyo-esque feel, but perhaps a little more rough around the edges. If you are looking for originality, this is the place to go.