Shoes – A warm new fashion trend for women

A hot new trend for women's designer shoes is custom-made shoes . Like the celebrities who wear customized Prada or Oscar de la Renta dresses, many women have found that they can design their own couture shoes which not only fits perfectly, but has one unique feeling and sophistication that they can call their own. Why wear standard woman designer shoes as everyone else has when you can create your own?

Already seen on many celebrities, this new one style and adaptation has been pioneering in Miami South Beach village Morgan Miller , the queen of alone. Her concept is simple: choose one saw, choose the straps, choose some accessories, and enjoy some champagne while your only creation is created by couture cobblers in place. It is tailor-made designer shoes created in just thirty minutes and served on a silver Tiffany plate.

Shoe bags include wood, cork, varnish, high heel and kitten health. Straps range from many regular athletes to exotics such as python, alligator, ostrich and lizard. Shoe accessories include buckles, Swarovski crystals, Harry Winston jewels, Italian glass stones, chains, bamboo and much more. Each component is laid out beautifully before you are in the store so you can play and mix and match.

A refreshing new shoe business experience, Morgan Mills boutique custom shoe [] The store is located on Euclid Avenue, just off Lincoln Road in Miami Beach Florida. Stop and create your own women's shoes []. For videos from the store and the concept in action, check out Morgan Miller shoes on YouTube [].