Woodworking tools for the home

Home Woodworking Shop

Following the general instructions in this document, anyone who uses regular care can produce significant home-made furniture that he can rightly feel proud of.

Some simple pieces are detailed, very well worth doing, but it's easy to build. Other pieces are more complicated, calculated to tax the skill and ingenuity of the most experienced craftsmen. Everyone will be attractive, robust and practical. They will do a lot of fun and profitable work for the amateur crafts and will solve for many carpenters the old problem – what to do in boring seasons.

In the selected pieces, there is no sequence of models, each description with the accompanying instructions is complete in itself, so that the craft can start working on whatever piece he chooses.

How to dress the home shop with woodworking tools

There has in no way been so much serious interest in craft work for the home bout of boys and men, professionals and amateurs, as at present. One can hardly enter a home without finding enthusiasts who are anxious not only to get acquainted with the various interesting handmade pieces contained therein, but also to introduce him to the place or workshop, which he proudly calls it – where the owner does his work and where he finds much pleasure and interest.

The fact that this interest in manual work is generally known is evident from the fact that forward-looking and progressive architects insert their house plans as they choose to call "workshops".

The workshop is located in a desirable location on the first floor, comfortable in the living room, and is intended for the easier types of home work. It can also be used as a study or a seamstress.


As for the tools that should fit in a home-based woodworking shop, the beginner should understand that it is best to have some tools, and the good ones, rather than replenishing many cheap ones. An inexpensive tool that will not "keep the edge" is a bad investment from any point of view. It is not necessary to buy all the tools listed here at once. They can be purchased as needed. However, we have only listed those that are almost necessary. And since most companies make liberal discounts on purchased quantities, one who has the money will be interested in the money invested if he buys everything at once.

First the bench. If you want everything that is best in appearance as well as useful, he can buy a cupboard bench at almost any price he cares to pay – the price depends on size and quality. An excellent bench, with a top made of 2 1/4-inch wage strips glued up to prevent warp, with a length of 78 inches and a width of 24 inches, can easily be made. A smaller size, 22 by 54 inches, can be manufactured with a quick-acting screen.

A fast acting actor, but not a necessity, is a good time saver. A person who has never used one should investigate before buying a flip of the old variety.

The person with a financial point of view can easily and easily set up their own bench. He should build it on the wall, so place it so that he burns up the work in his hand.

An oak 2 inch 12 inch plank should be used for the front of the top. The rest of the top can be made of an inch layer "furred" up to the same level as the plank. A wing located on carpenter & # 39; benches can be made. The luminaires can be purchased for about sixty cents.

With regard to the question of purchasing tools, the largest latitude must be allowed. The following list represents tools that will be absolutely necessary for ordinary cupboard work:

1-Jack Plane, 2-inch Piece.

1-Boxwood marking

1-6-inch Try-Square.


1-10 inch Swing Ratchet

1-6 inch T command.

Braces, ball bearings.

1-6 inch splitter.

1-12 ounce Claw Hammer.

1-All-Bristle Brush.

1-Hickory Mallet.

1-oily, fine, 6 out of 2

1-6-inch screwdriver. with 1 inch.


1-10-inch back cover.

1-26-inch tear saw.


To these can be added an even plane, jointer, block plan and compass saw.

Auger bits can be purchased as needed. A complete set is practical, but very necessary. A Nail Set, Countersink, Steel Square and four Bar Cabinet Clamps will be needed. Also a combination plan for making rabbets, tracks etc.

The cost of this equipment of tools will not be as great as one can think of when purchased in its entirety. Some companies have lockers in stock, where they make special prices, where the list of tools does not differ much from the above. It is good to examine their quality-only high-quality tools should be purchased. If you are not informed, ask someone who is. You may be due to the type that your carpenter's friend uses and will recommend will be satisfactory.

There can be no satisfactory work done with boring tools. A grindstone will be needed. The type that runs with the feet is best, as it leaves both hands free to hold the tool.

A miter box is very convenient, and will save a lot of time – and possibly material – in the hands of an amateur.

Of course, we can add these many other amenities. We know of a suburbanite that has a lathe, chainsaw, etc., which is powered by an electric motor. He no longer looks at this hobby than his neighbor does on golf and finally has beautiful moments that his children will enjoy treasuring after he is gone. Nor is it all that. He has two growing sons who find their place for fun and recreation in the same shop. Father's sons are "good to look at" today when so many fathers have "no time" to give their sons, who, without having anything else to do, are inclined to spend their time in the streets wild, causing problems for legal citizens who are so unhappy that they live within their distance.