wood house

Although many families give their dogs a wooden dog house in their garden, only a few people realize that there are a lot of different kinds of wood offered on the market.

Cedar is definitely the most popular wood used today. It is a very common choice for wooden dog houses because of its resistance to corrosion, rot and insect destruction.

This type of wood is simple and easy to work with as well as being resilient, reputable and low maintenance.

Numbers and hemlock are among other types of wood selected to build a dog house, although they do not tend to be as popular. It is due to the fact that they lack resistance to decay, rot and destruction of insects as opposed to cedar. When they come in contact with the farm, these two types of wood will be rotten rather fast so that they hardly ever used to build the framework work of a dog house as well.

If you decide to build your own house, you should be tired of using pressure-treated wood. Although they resist rotting and damage from bugs, they carry hazardous chemical substances that may pose a threat to your dog.

You should also decide on a wooden house over a plastic only because they are much warmer during the winter season. In addition, a wooden dog house will help to warm the natural way during the summer time.

In addition, wood is less of a challenge to work with compared to plastic materials. All you need is a hammer, a saw and a good quality träbearbetningsplan building your dog house If you are environmentally aware, making a wooden house is actually much more environmentally friendly than it is convenient to recycle for different uses.