Why Choose Wall Wine Racks?

Wall wine rack is one of the most affordable wine storage options on the market. Therefore, they work especially well for both everyday drinkers and beginners. On the back, they also become popular systems for renting whole wine cellars – this gives a unique look at a lower cost than traditional wooden coverings.

They are made of different materials such as wood, iron and stainless steel and come in different patterns. From funky to elegant or simple and stylish, a wall winch can also be doubled as decorative art. And as a bonus, they provide a clear screen for the labels on your bottle.

If you can't accommodate a wine cellar or wine fridge, a wall rack is the perfect way to save space. They can be mounted in open or in narrow corridors and because they are mounting friendly you do not have to worry about hiring a certified specialist. In addition, they can be easily moved. If you decide that you prefer your bottles to appear in the corridor rather than the kitchen, it is easy to make the change. That being said, it is important to consult a wine storage specialist before you buy wall wine rack to get the best product for your home and combine it with temperature control if needed.

Think of Vintage View or Pinna when choosing wall wall. Vintage View comes in a modern design that gives higher bottle density than most other wall shelves. Vintage View is also constructed of sturdy stainless steel, displays labels prominently and provides ample airflow to help your wine maintain a constant temperature. They come in one, two or three bottle depths and in two durable surfaces: brushed nickel or black. Vintage View also provides lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that you are buying a quality product. A single Vintage View wine rack can provide storage for between 9 and 36 bottles. They are affordable at present under $ 100 USD per rack. Vintage View wine holder works well both for small wall features or racking a full cellar. Wine cellars stacked with Vintage View are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes for their stylish sophistication.

Pinna offers taste and intelligence. In contrast to Vintage View's steel construction, Pinna's winches are individually sculpted from high quality Mango wood and are based on a superior polyethylene coating. They look fantastic in groupings or individually and because of their timeless design they also look good without bottles in them. There are different models available, including: Pinna E that allows all your bottles to be displayed on the same page with labels or Pinna M that have your bottles side by side with the cap facing out. Both are aesthetically pleasing and weigh about 25 kg so it is important that they are firmly attached to a stud. They provide storage for six to twelve bottles and currently have a range of $ 200- $ 300 dollars.