Plans to Build a Cucumber Bird House – A good tip to build them a safe homely house

If you have a small farm or simply a water plan and would love to keep nightmares around, they will need a place to be protected from predators and you will need plans to build a mallard bird house. Here is a simple idea to help you build your own large house and provide them with the peaceful environment they need to live and reproduce.

Build a floating platform

Protecting the ducks from predators is the main goal of building them a boathouse. Raccoons love to eat the egg and they will find ways to get them. If you have a pond, a floating house is a good option for giving them a scared place to live.

Use a sheet of thick styrofoam and cut it in half. This will be good to keep the accommodation floating. Join the two pieces styrofoam along with 2 2×4 or single boards, leaving a space between them. When you have a solid foundation for the floating house, build a platform over styrofoam with wooden boards. Make sure you do not use pressure treated wood, which is bad for the environment.

Build a house to put on top

It will be much better not to have the duck sitting on top of the platform. The Mallard house needs to be raised a little, this is good for a floating house as well as a house on solid ground. This is necessary to protect the nest from getting wet from the rain and any waves of water coming on the platform on windy days. For houses on the ground, any variations of the water rise in the pound can flood the anchorage after a large rain storm so you have to keep it in mind.

How to make the nose

To build a nest in the meadows, get a piece of plastic-coated fencing that has about three feet high by 5 meters long. Cover it with a little straw hay and roll it as a cylinder of about 12-15 inches. Roll it completely and attach it to the fence to keep it tight. Thigh wraps do the trick. Mount the nest on the floating platform, giving a height of about twelve to fifteen inches.

You can do this by installing two pieces of wood over the platform. They build a roof by using two plywood and installing them on top of the nest that forms a triangle shape all the way to the platform. Make sure the ceiling is longer than the casing to provide protection at the inlet and outlet of the pipe. This is a very basic design, but it will make the templates happy and a will to be a safe place to lay their eggs on. You can find other ideas to make a nicer Mallard house and still do it with materials you might already have at home.