Make sure your outdoor wooden table is properly protected

If you plan to leave your outdoor table in your garden all year round, make sure it is properly protected. Water and wood do not make good companions when it comes to furniture, sheds or other outdoor articles. When the water enters the wood, the wood is allowed to expand. When the wood dries out, it contracts back to its original size. This continuous cycle will eventually cause the wood to spin and burst.

To prevent this from happening, you must treat your outdoor table properly. This means that you apply a wood sealant if you have not already applied it. If there are decorative effects on the table made of metal, ie an umbrella stick or the table legs, these must also be protected depending on which metal has been used. Iron in particular is unacceptable for rust and aluminum shows white marks when exposed to water.

By painting the wood with a stain or wood color, you fill the pores in the wood and prevent the water from entering. Before you start painting, make sure some knots in the wood are properly nominated as these are the weak spots. Buttons must be properly sealed before beginning to seal the rest of the piece. You must paint on the spot very carefully to make sure that all pores are filled. When done properly, the rain will simply flow off the wood without damaging it. Most tables will require treatment every few years depending on the climate and the quality of the underlying wood. Hardwood is more resistant to the weather than most soft forests.

You can decide whether to go to a clean spot or a tinted version. Some people like to paint their outdoor wooden table white while others prefer the more natural beauty of wood.