How to start your own business Build small quality houses

You can start your own business, build dog houses for yourself and others to sell for you. If you can build, quality homes that will stand up to any weather, and can also offer exclusive models of quality dog ​​houses, you can have a nice part-time or full-time business for yourself. Some people like a simple "A" frame style house, no frills, just something simple, Fido can sleep and live in.

Other people want the best for their dogs, they are like family to them and they treat them so! If you can build some homes that are noisy and built in quality, and have some extra amenities with them, to make them stand out from your average house, like windows or a front or rear porch, a balcony, an upstairs, lower model, you can make really good money and build them at the same time!

You can have several styles of your dog houses. You can take pictures of them and make a nice flier that you can take to pet supply stores, grocery stores, dog motels, dog groomers and much more. Offer to ship some of your homes in their stores. You can give the shop owner a percentage of each dog house they sell or order for you. If you were able to design your own dogs, that you could fit in a box and give simple instructions on how to put them together, you can sell your dog homes by mail, business and internet sales.

Lots of people are used to putting furniture together today. Lots of things come in boxes from abroad, and you have to pretty much merge it all the time. You can own your homes that fit into a box, and easier to handle and send out. You can also sell them online at the major auction sites, as it is a simple outlet to quickly start a company, if you have a good product. Also ask other pet store type sites, list your homes on their website, and you will drop ships each and give them a commission for each dog house sold through them.

You should put signs on your vehicle saying that you are building "custom dog houses" and then you can print a picture from a finished dog house, in color and laminated it, you can make some magnetic signs on some of your models, with the prices under each house. You would get lots of customers that way too.