How to construct and build a house on a sloping terrain

In the construction of town halls, topography is critically assessed. In flat places, the house is set out and the building begins. In the building's construction, the country's topography is considered. If the ground is level, the entrance to the house is on the ground floor. Since cabins have three floors, the entrance can be moved from the ground floor. The house plan should have ample lighting on the lower floors.

When you decide to build the town hall on a random terrain, mass excavations must be carried out. The procedure is to cut the ground at least one floor below the natural ground level. The cutting of the soil should be wider than the house. The house design should have the main entrance facing the height upwards. It is then bridged from the natural ground. A covered walkway is ready to go on the first floor.

The town hall is then planned on the new cut surface. The distance from the building to the ground tires is at least ten meters. This will allow light into the windows and provide access to walks around the house. The soil wall is retained and laid out to provide good aesthetics. On the opposite side, the earth is filled and equipped to allow a garden in front of the lounge or porch. This means that the building and the farms can be placed on a flat ground.

The city hall design is complete and construction begins. The landscaper should provide stepped levels to create a well-grounded terrain. This can be done with the help of short retaining walls. The entrance door should be large enough to allow movement up or down. In the design, the entrance on the first floor should be in a living room. The kitchen, dining room, lounge and guesthouse are on the ground floor. The bedrooms are set on the first and the attic floor.