Decorate your coffee tables in style

When you have only used a sofa to soften their hard lines, the coffee table is an excellent choice for today's homeowners, largely because it adds extra table space without taking up much space.

While many still lay the table at the back when it extends into the room, you can also place it between the sofa and the wall to give the sofa a little breathing space and create a wonderful viewing space that will catch the attention of your visitor.

With a simple makeover, you can turn these wall flowers into a real piece of home decor, so that it shines in front and in the middle, along with your other primary furniture.

If you are not familiar with coffee tables, let us briefly review them. Created in the 18th century, coffee table is a long, thing and long table. They are about two-thirds of the length of the sofa and the top comes up to the back of the sofa, and preferably, just a little lower.

Many people just leave their coffee tables an empty canvas. Maybe they put a lamp there, or a photo or two, or to accent the fireplace and the mantle. But there is so much more you can do with coffee tables. You can help set the tone throughout the room with the right decor or setting. You can create something that is very romantic, timeless, rustic or exotic. The choice is really yours.

When you think of a theme, you can start with what happens in the rest of the room. If you already have a theme, you want your coffee tables to pick up these influences. You can do it by color, texture, pattern or material.

For example, let's go with a romantic theme. You can start with a lace doily, runner or tablecloth for your coffee tables. If you want to go with a romantic turn of the century, add a kerosene lamp to the table and possibly an antique stereoscope with some picture cards placed beneath it. A couple of old books in a bar can also be a nice touch.

If you have a good collection of themed pieces from your travels, be sure to continue your collection at your table. Choose a dominant piece for it, such as a great sailing ship if you make a nautical theme or a tribal box if you have an African theme room.

Candles are always a good choice for this table. You can go with a pair of big lights or a single chandelier to draw the eye and anchor the space. Hurricane lamps work especially well for this type of table, as it makes a great spray of flowers. If you have noticed a theme here it is to use something high on the table so that it rises over the back of the sofa and dominates the space.

If you're on a budget or just starting out and really don't have a sense of what to do with the decor on the table, take a field trip to the Cost Plus World Market or Pier 1 Imports. These stores always have good decoration ideas and you can only find what you are looking for on visits there. Another great place to visit is the flea markets, used stores or antique shops where you can see a bunch of different ways to decorate. Something can click as you see and you can go from there to create a unique look for your own table.

You can never go wrong with family photos or other personal details like that either. It adds a really homy touch to the area and lets people know something about what's important to you at the same time. If you meet someone for the first time and are not sure what to talk about, pictures on the coffee table will be a guaranteed start of conversation.