Build a chicken hen house

The size – Some people will release their chickens loose, especially during hot weather. The problem with this is that you will get the chicken droppings everywhere and you may need to hunt for eggs in odd places that the chickens choose to live. It is much better to build a closed pen with a suitable cover. An ideal size for a rooster or two and six to eight chickens would be a henhouse about three out of nine feet with a ten foot high ceiling and an exterior drive of nine out of twelve.

design – You can build a hen house from almost everything as long as it has a heat-sealed floor, sound walls and ceiling. In the cold climate, it should be free from winter features and in hot climates, good summer ventilation. It can even be part of a shed. Cut a hole about a courtyard from one of the outer walls about five meters from the ground. Cover it with a strong aluminum screen. This will allow fresh air to circulate, let some of the sun come in and keep the flies out.

The Roost – Chickens prefer to spend the night from the ground. You can run lengths of two to four over five feet high along each long side of the house's walls. Then on these and extending over the short side of the house, nail the nesting boards, one for two inches rough. Place your back halfway from the back wall and the other one foot apart. Normally, a powerful chicken requires a good square foot of roosting space in the summer. In winter, they can massage closer to each other for the heat.

The door – At the floor level below the square hole covered with screening, a hole makes a window with a door that slides up and down in rough wood channels. This is open most of the time, but when you clean the house you want to keep the chickens out in the pen.

Don't know what to do with all the messy leaves around your yard? Use them as a floor covering for your hen house. They keep the looseners from sticking to the wood and make it easier to clean the chicken coop.