Benefits and benefits of exotic wood veneers

Exotic deciduous trees can be expensive and difficult to harvest sustainably. It is only sensible to use genuine wood veneer as part of your woodworking process. By using veneers you can achieve the appearance of exotic hardwoods that are rare and expensive, only a fraction of the cost, while leaving more out there for the rest of the world to use. Building your piece in a common wood like pine or oak allows you to work with solid wood in the construction process, and when your piece is finished, you can use the exotic wood veneer as a fine adjustment, which really makes your piece stand out with beautiful wood grain and figure of exotic forests.

Exotic veneer comes from places like South America and Africa, where there are many exotic tree species that grow, but they need to be preserved and are not all practical for solid wood construction due to the different properties of the wood. Having timber sent over a sea would be quite expensive, but when you only pay for a thin layer of this material, the cost is significantly reduced. Wood veneers you can look like any wood you like when using the best wood to build under. Use a solid wood to build your structure and then face it with whatever exotic variety you choose thanks to stick-and-shell wood veneers.

Examples of exotic wood veneers include Zebrawood, Japanese Tamo Ash, Olive Burl, Etimo, Jarrah, Jatobah, Jequitiba, Khaya, Koa, Koto and Afromosia. It may be impractical to use these forests to build solid objects, but as a finish they are exquisite. Using veneers of exotic wood is the most practical way to create amazing effects with your wood projects without breaking the bank and at the same time being nice to the earth. Sustainable forests have made wood a renewable resource on our planet, and it goes without saying that we all like to have a nice planet. It just helps everything else to go smoothly.

Another great advantage of using exotic wood veneers is the endless possibilities that come from different matching techniques. The most impressive designs can be created with different ways to sort your veneer plates, and the possibilities are truly remarkable! You can't do it with solid wood, just with wood veneer. Use exotic wood veneer in your next woodworking project and you will be redundant with positive comments from those who see it.