A review of Skil Sander Tools

A Skil sander is more common at finding a workplace as one of Black & Decker, and for many of the same reasons. Neither company has chosen to sacrifice quality, but still provides tools that are economical and sustainable. Skil sander tools are good for use in the home workshop, a small company, or as a single workhorse on a construction site. The difference between Skil and Black & Decker is that Skil products are often classified as heavier.

Skil Palm Sanders
For a palm shooter to be effective, it must be small and light, and the Skil palm shooter can be described by the two tracks. It weighs less than 3 pounds, but the powerful 1.4 amp engine delivers up to 11,000 courses per minute. It uses only 1/4 sheet of wallpaper, and the footplate is made of metal to give it increased durability.

Skil Belt Sanders
Skil belt sanders can get more done in less time by using an extremely powerful 6 amp engine. It is designed to be snap to use, and has such innovative ideas as the patented belt adjustment system. The fall design enables rinsing of surfaces. Vacuum mount is available for both wet and dry vacuum systems. The total weight, including the microfilter dust container, is only 8.2 pounds.

Skil makes quality woodworking tools
Skil has a long reputation as a quality producer of good woodworking tools. From the power drill to its patented Skil, Skil products are built for hard work and high production. Skil sander power tools are no exception. Other brands can cost you more, but experts depend on a name like Skil when the chips are down and there is a job to get done. For a smooth, glossy surface on natural wood, a Skil sander is one of the best preserved secrets in the trade.

Check out Skil Sander Reviews
It is a good idea to review a number of different reviews before choosing to purchase a Skil sander. Compare sanders side by side and look for innovative ideas that make the job easier, or security features that reduce the risk of errors. Every now and then you see the Skil mark near the top of the reviews, both in terms of performance and what it costs to buy one.