6 Spectacular types of decorative wall art for your home

When you hear the word art, which image appears in your mind? For most of us, we think of a landscape or a portrait. In other words, we often use the word art and the painter interchangeably. Of course, art can mean a variety of media, such as sculptures, sketches and so on. One of the most fascinating varieties of art is wall art. We can even break down this general category of art, into subcategories. If you are considering adding wall art to the walls of any room, consider these primary types:

1. Wall grille
Historically, people have used galls as an extra protection for windows and doors. Wall grilles, however, work strictly for decoration. Some grids are a blast from the past, resembling styles during eras such as Baroque or Renaissance. At the same time, other barbecues have a more modern style. There are large grilles, small grills, round grills and long grills.

2. Wall wine rack
You can use these attractive pieces with or without wine bottles! Choose a wine rack for a bottle, or one for several bottles. Choose a style that is basically symmetrical, or one that is ornate. Whether you prefer red or white wine, use this type of decorative wall art to show your wine bottles in style!

3. Wall vases
Vases should go to the dining table and desk, right? With wall vases, the container is moved from a flat surface to another flat surface, namely the wall. Wall vases can spice up any wall, by itself or filled with flowers and foliage. You can choose a vase (or pair) that celebrates an art form of the past, or one with a more elegant and modern look.

4. Wall shelves
If you want a tribute with more versatility than a bookshelf, consider a wall shelf. These shelves fit securely on a wall and come in many different styles. There are wall shelves from different eras, including ancient Greek and Roman, Renaissance and Gothic. You can adorn these magnificent pieces with a candle, vase, photograph any knick-knack that you want to share with your visitors!

5. Wall clocks
These watches keep perfect time 24-7. Instead of choosing a matte digital clock, choose a manual watch that not only tells you but also does it in style! These watches are available in different shapes, sizes and styles. Some varieties of this decorative wall art have a modular appearance, while others are more ornate.

6. Wall shadow boxes
The original shadow boxes are the ones the military gives to sailors when they leave the ship or leave the military. A wall shadow box is basically a narrow type of box containing an image or ornament in it. The 3-D component can add more depth to any wall in your home.

If you want to add wall decoration to your walls, you have several options, including wooden wall art. Be sure to carefully select each item to ensure that you have a wall awakening appeal!