Is Your Hairstyle Causing Your Thinning Hair?

Thinning hair is the result of regular, non-genetic hair loss that can be caused by a number of causes, including hormonal changes in the body experienced by pregnant women and after menopausal women, to poor nutrition as a result of a disease time.

Aside from these reasons, a very common and often overlooked cause of thinning hair continues to wear the hair in hard hairstyles, putting unnecessary tension and pressure on the hair roots which routinely reduce them over time and cause them to fall out early. When the hair reaches the end of its normal growth phase, they fall out and preferably after going through the rest, they should grow and go through the whole cycle again. However, constantly pulling, or pressure on the hair damages the follicles and can cause them to become inflamed. Inflammation inhibits circulation by limiting the follicles access to vital nutrients required for healthy hair to grow.

Here is a list of the most common hairstyles, which in the case of exaggeration can lead to thinning or trachealopecia.

1. Drawbar horses

These hair pieces have a comb and drawstring to secure them on top of the head. Staple pads are attached to the hair after the hair has been folded back into a dense bun. Hair gel is sometimes used to get a smooth and smooth finish to the natural hair held in a bun. The horseshoe ponytail is then fixed by clamping it in place with the cam and using the drawbar to secure it. Although they are a convenient way of styling your hair, frequent and constant use can cause thinning hair and bald patches, especially in the area where the ponytail is attached.

2. Seal the buns

The hair is twisted, rolled hard and then fastened with pins or ties. The continuous effect of turning and rolling the hair can weaken the threads and damage the follicles, resulting in thin hair.

3. Weaves

This is a style that is very popular (but not limited to) among black women and means that human or synthetic hair tissues are attached to natural hair, often sewing on it in the grooves. Wefts are sometimes also attached by using an anti-sponge adhesive called adhesive adhesive. Weaving is often used to stop the appearance of thinning hair, but unfortunately it can also cause dehydration and hair loss, as the corners to which the extensions are attached are very dense to make the fabric longer. Binding can also cause hair loss when a proper remover is not used to break the adhesive bond completely prior to removal.

4. Braids

The hair is braided in thin, supple braids, sometimes with the addition of decorative objects or with hair extensions braided in the hair (remember Brandy's signature braids?). Apart from the pulling effect caused by the dense braid, the hairline has been hit by the hairs to which the extensions are attached are usually weak and unable to cope with the weight of the extra hair.

5. Cornrows

These are a type of braids where the hair is braided near the scalp. This style is favored for being a low maintenance, aesthetic hairstyle, but can lead to tractional apecia if the cornrows are too tight because they put undue pressure on the hair, especially around the hairline.

6. Pinch hair extensions

These hair extensions are made by cutting machine-made hair weights in different lengths and attaching clips to each piece. They can be cut on the natural hair in different places, including the back, face sides, etc. They are usually used to add color to the hair or to give the appearance of fuller hair. Improper application by cutting the extensions too tightly or allowing the rocks to dig into the scalp at all times when applied can lead to traktionalopeci .


Frankly – If You Want to You Can Even Trademark Your Hairstyle!

Why not? If you have a unique hairstyle and want to commercialize it, you can actually brand it with the patent and trademark. A hairstyle is a human creation and like most creations it can be an asset, and in this case it is an intellectual property. If it becomes a trademark, others must get your permission to copy it. However, you will be required to officially bring it with the Patent and Trademark Agency first and pay the official fees and make the necessary paperwork for filing. Of course, a brand needs a name, so you have to come up with one, as unique as possible, so that the brand will not have reasons to reject it. But for all purposes, the brand is a way of preventing others from using the same idea and forming neither for their own or commercial purposes.

However, whether or not you will be allowed to brand it will depend on the brand office, but there is a very good chance that it will be allowed. To be allowed for a brand, its shape must be unique, something that can stand out from the crowd, so that people can identify it as different from the norms. Like company logos, your particular haircut must be reproducible and it must also be identifiable by a name. For the purposes of commerce, form and name should be easily identified so that others will be able to communicate with others about it.

A hairstyle need not only consist of hair alone, because it is also possible to weave it with some other objects such as hair bands and bracelets. In fact, you can make it unique with a large selection of hair accessories or with something you design yourself. And remember, if it's new and nobody has it, you can download it and do it yourself. Then you can commercialize it and license other salons to recreate the particular hairstyle. Of course, you must make it so desirable that others would like to copy it and pay you a fee to do so.

And keep in mind, maybe the people who had promoted fashion shows should have applied for trademarks for all lasses who had been sporting unique hairstyles as part of fashion shows!

But what if someone copies it without paying you for the idea? Well, getting a brand is one thing, enforcing it is another thing altogether! It is important that you have to report any form of infringement and to take legal action yourself! But even if you don't get a cent for the thought and assume that the specific hairstyle will be a hit, only people who talk about it will inevitably increase the value of your idea and brand. If it's a buzz, you'll take advantage of it many times over. In addition, the brand does not need to be associated with just one hairstyle, as you can also use it for other things, provided you obviously also register it under other product categories with the branding. The possibility is unlimited because we not only talk about people, but also others like pets and everything that needs a unique dressing!


Choose Your Hairstyle – Hairstyles for Work, Play and a Night Out

It has long been known that the right hair style for every occasion in your life is an important part of your impression on others. Having perfect long hairstyles or short hairstyles can be the key to looking your best. Not only do you need a long hairstyle or short haircut for your face, but matching your hairstyle to a night out on the town or a day at work should always be in mind. Whether you are playing in a tournament or walking the dog on a sunny afternoon, you have a choice of many long hairstyles and short hairstyles.

If you have long hair and find yourself in a bun or ponytail for the most part, you may need some hair care advice. Long hairstyles can be tricky if you don't know what you're doing. This is especially true if you have long and curly hair. I keep my long, curly hair scared off and unfrizzy with the line Curly Hair Solutions products. Before styling my hair for a night out or day shopping with friends, I use my Curly Hair Solutions products. After using my Curly Hair solution silk shampoo and conditioner, I like to use their Slip Detangler to loosen knots and eliminate fly-away hair. The line of Curly Hair Solutions products also includes a product called Re-Mane Straight that helps straighten hair during drying. It seals the hair cuticle and protects the hair from heat and stretch.

One of the big long hairstyles that I like to use if I'm going to work or go out for the night is half-up and half the style. You will need a high quality clip or hair tie. For the night I like to use an ornate clip that glitters against my hair. During the day I use a simple hair clip that has the same color as my hair. You will need to separate the top of the hair from the bottom, with your ears as a guide. You can collect the hair on the back, or you can brush the hair from the front and back, making it smooth. Anyway, attach the hair with the clip or the elastic and you are ready for action. Many hair stylists list this as one of their simplest long hairstyles.

Another option in the many long hairstyles offered is a stylish ponytail. This means that the hair is attached to the neck, not the top. You can fasten your hair loosely with a fine elastic or hair tie or even a sash. I often use a scarf in a vibrant color to add feel. This hairstyle is stylish, but can be fun with the right accessories.

Many women think that short hairstyles must be boring. Once again, the use of the right accessories is important. Short hairstyles are difficult because there is not much hair to work with. If your hair is curly or straight, you can use a good headband to accentuate your hair. Headbands are more popular than ever and come in various styles, including leather and silk. Although I have long hair I like to wear a silk headband or headscarf to keep my hair out of my eyes, but also to add definition and interest to my hair. The perfect accessory can make the difference between mousse brown hair and the wow factor. Many women are afraid to use accessories because they think they will be too dotted. This is exactly the opposite. A good accessory, such as a scarf, clamp or ornate comb, can add a fantastic amount of glamor to both short hairstyles and long hairstyles. Do not limit your imagination to short hairstyles or long hairstyles. Give all you have got!


An Introduction to Kinky Twists – A Protective and Low Maintenance Hairstyle

Kinky twists are created if you get two caps of hair and twist them around each other in spirals. Like flat hair, they are completely free, but you can reinforce the hair's top and then leave the rest to hang freely. If you want to give your own hair a rest from heat or any other unpleasant hair styling technique such as chemicals, this classic black girl's hardware is ideal. Noted to protect and minimize maintenance, it is possible to achieve this look either with your own natural hair or by using hair extensions, where you can continue to achieve a completely natural look.

For maximum benefits, it is a good idea if your hair is not less than one inch long. Extensions are often used with many kinky twists – a typical African hair style, if you don't have long hair. But even then you find that extensions are still applied because they have many advantages. The benefits vary from different shades, size and agility. The hair used for this style is available. It makes styling flexible and you can play with it with different modern and stylish looks. Many women, however, choose an extension that is tricky because it tends to support the cords much better, and it seems much more natural. A common brand that is useful for this is Janet's Afro Kinky Bulk, which is found in most city hoods or on the internet.

When it comes to hair styling, it is always best to have a very clear picture of how you want your hair to appear when it is ready. Do you want turns in your jaw line or all the way down your back? How fat or thin would you like them to be? Are you just going to work with your unique natural shade or will you combine it with other colors? Should they be completely free flowing or will the top be cornrow? No matter what your answers are, it is always best to have all this worked out before making the engagement that kinky twists take at least four to eight long hours from start to finish. Here are some things to consider before getting your hair twisted;

  • Do your own hair – if so, based on how thick or narrow you want your twists to be, wait for you to take you at least 5 hours.
  • Should you pay a specialist to make your hair for you? If so, your hair can be performed by up to two hair experts and take three hours plus.

Whichever choice you make each has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, twists and turns are a simple style to master and once clear right can be for about three months. Using this site and video tutorial to help you learn, you will be able to achieve this look very easily. But do you have enough time and stamina? What is your responsibility at home and at work? Is it possible to ask someone who can help you? Think of all this beforehand because you really do not want to lose your willpower just before you finish and have fifty percent of your head twisted!

If you choose to have your hair completed by a hairdresser who is experienced in braiding hairstyles and African braids, expect to pay between $ 70 and $ 100 depending on your geographic area. The positive aspect for this is basically that you do not have to find out to perform this style on your own. You just decide how you want your twists to appear and within hours you show it! The choice is yours.

In summary, kinky twists are an easy way to give your natural locks a rest from high temperature styling and chemicals. It is a well-used protective hair style donned largely by black women of all ages. You can easily learn to twist and you can achieve different looks with the addition of "kinky" hair extensions of many lengths and shades. Although it takes a while to complete, the end result is really worth it. This style can vary for about ninety days with good care and routine maintenance.


Seventies Hairstyle

Seventies hairstyles has recently looked into popularity. Not only women's hairstyles, but men also jump on the bandwagon, with a release of hairstyles like the good old mullet. Ladies can really go to town full of coiffuring to get the seventies look. In the 1970s, as the blue-throated wind was invented by Corsair, this was quite a revolutionary time in terms of hair fashion. People got more control over how to blow their hair in the direction they wanted in the 1970s, thereby larger bouffant styles on women and for men a tendency to grow their hair a little longer and give it some girls and lots of body.

The 70's was an exciting time for hairstyles and fashion in general. Coming soon after the sixties it was an attitude of freedom of speech, which in turn resulted in some very avant-garde looks and challenging experiments with hair, color and cuts.

If you want to form your hair in those times, think of Abba and Charlie's Angels, glamor was absolutely IN and hairstyles reflected this by becoming very stylish, shiny and decorated with jewelry as headbands etc. The braids that were popular in the 60s were transferred, but Woven in fringes and subtly added to long hairstyles. Short hair in the seventies included bobs and bangs, hooks and very definition.

The 70's hairstyles now incorporate all the glam and revolution in the 70's, but with the superior styling capabilities of hairdressing salons in modern times and the tools available to them, the appearance of the 1970s has evolved into something that retro looks actually very modern. .

Use ceramic straighteners to get the smooth, extremely straight look, cut on a lean braid. If you are not over 30, you can probably carry a spin on very seventies and if you are a guy, grow well and take some shapes in your appearance. From the classic mullet, to a good old card back and sides. The 70s were fun and seventies hairstyles demonstrated that it provides new opportunities for everyone.


Patrick Swayze Mullet Hairstyle

The late, big Patrick Swayze was a legend among leading men. Very few movie stars can make a corny romance one year, then turn around and post a cult classical action girl like the Road House next. Swayze's appeal crossed sex barriers and, as they said, girls wanted him and guys wanted to be him. How did he get it off? Many theorize that it was Patrick Swayze mullet who did the trick.

Swayze first pioneered this slant variation on the mullet of the Ghost era. Needless to say, the mullet is comparable to Kurt Russel mullet seen in movies like Escape from New York, but in fact the two are very different. Russel's backbone was just a little longer in the back than it was before, suggesting an attitude that defined the Bad Dude image, but that made him no favor as a dame man, and as we all know, the mullet would be used primarily to identify one as one Damman.

Swayze's mullet was very good, much deeper, and perhaps the finest mullet Hollywood has ever seen.

What made that mullet so special? Well, just look at it. The front we have the Duck Butt style, which is known by Elvis Presley, but in the back we have a wonderful man of blonde locks who are both shaggy and well maintained at once.

The trick may have been in the conditioner that he used, which means that the hair can be shaggy, but not fluffy, shiny, but not too shiny. More likely, it may be a little secret that Swayze took to his grave, a secret that was not intended to fall into hiding hands. Admittedly, if only someone could achieve that appearance, the natural selection process would be completely discarded, with any old slob who could seduce any woman he might want.

Some of the world's foremost mole researchers have tried in vain to recreate this look to perfection just to come out with almost miss and far from the real thing.

Our advice? Experiment with different shampoos, tease a little on the front, and if you manage to get the look right, be kind and watch the secret of your life, and remember that with great force comes the great responsibility.


The Latest Hairstyle Fashion and Beauty Trends of the Stars of the Red Carpet

As Jonathon of the new new series Blowout says your hair will make you or break you. No where is this more true then on the red carpet. Track a good dress or outfit and hair and you will be on the cover of almost every newspaper. Track a bad hairstyle and be on Folks magazine list with the worst dressed and red carpet tragedies. That's why most celebrities have celebrity hairstyles and pay thousands for a cut and a style. Some even fly their stylist with them everywhere they go as part of their entourage. A good hairstyle and beauty treatment has become just as important, if not more than the elegant and very expensive designer dresses and clothes. The question is what is the current hot hairstyle and beauty trends sported on the red carpet? Some are old favorites, and others are quite surprising.

1) Summer classic task is a hot item because it shows on sexy throats and jewelry (like necklaces and earrings) good. Demi Moore was good in the hit film An officer and a gentleman. Gweneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz are almost always seen with this hairstyle. It's elegant and elegant when it's done right. It works best with normal, medium-sized hair and light makeup and jewelry. Heavy, large jewelry is out, sheek, pure elegance and beauty are in this style.

2) The shaggy and layered hairstyle. According to Allure Magazine, this is this hairstyle and fashion training that can make someone look good and it will work on almost everyone, regardless of face shape. Basically, this hairstyle will increase the volume of your hair and create a frame for your face. Heidi Klum carried it well during an episode of her hit show Runway. Several stars like Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet have seen the sport here. This is yet another low makeup and easy maintenance hairstyle. Simplicity is the key here so bright jewelry works best. A simple leather strap necklace and pendant will work wonders. This hairstyle has also been called sexy bed head, or after sex does.

3) Long, sexy waves. Perm is out, but the secret fashion training in the hottest salons is salt spraying. Do not wash your hair every day because dirty hair is easier to handle. Get your hair moist and use salt water in a spray to get out the wavy bends. According to the salon, everyone's hair has some natural waves and patterns, and this will bring it out and enlarge it. Don't think it's hot, just look at the sexiest vixens in the red carpet like Jessica Alba and Shakira. They wear this style very well. Again, simplicity is the key, no heavy makeup and bright jewelry work best. Again, a simple black or brown leather strap necklace with a simple lock or amulet adds a mystery and makes it much warmer. Then skip the perm and first try spritzing sea salt on damp hair, scrunching hair and let air dry. Since most hairs have some kind of natural wave, the sea salt will take it out.

4) The bullet This is the latest fashion-transformed offspring from the 80's mullet and filled with a dominant and powerful business contact. It is the short female business and is popular with very dominant women. It is a short hairstyle that shows the world you are a woman and has control. You'll find it at Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, Ellen Degeneres and Rosie O & # 39; Donnell. It is believed to have been the first time Prince returned in the early 80s on his Purple Rain tour.

These hairstyle fashion trends are all simple do and do not require heavy makeup or jewelry. Simplicity is key and heavy or large looking jewelry is out. A simple leather strap on a sexy, thin neck like Jessica Alba is all that is needed with these fashion trends. These hairstyles and fashion trends will remain large for the rest of 2006 and 2007.


Updo Hairstyle Tips: How to Create a Chignon

Chignon (pronounced SHIN-yawn or shin-YAWN) is a classic updo that can be worn for formal or informal occasions. A simple and elegant style, the chignon, comes from a French phrase meaning "the neck". A chignon is best understood, not as a single style, but as a style of hairstyle, all of which are characterized by the upset and clamping of hair that has been collected in the neck.

"French roll", "hair knot" and "bun" are all different names for types of chignons. Once you have learned the basics you will discover how various accessories, products and techniques can take your chignon from the office to the gym to a night on the town. Learn to create this wonderful style in seven easy steps.

Steps for creating a Chignon

1. Start with clean, dry hair. Use a widened comb to remove the hair and carefully remove any knots. Apply styling gel or mousse for extra control if desired.

2. At this time, you can split your hair and pull out a few strings to frame your face if you choose it. Use a paddle brush to smooth the remaining hair back and brush it in a low ponytail. Draw tightly for a cleaner, more formal look. Keep it loose and smooth for a more relaxed look. Secure the ponytail with an elastic band.

3. Divide the ponytail into two equal halves. Rotate the two halves together to form a rope (this is also called a double-stranded twist).

4. Raise the rope and lure it around the elastic band to form the chignon.

5. Secure the chignons to the scalp using hair pins, bobbin needles and / or chopsticks.

6. Use rollers or a flat iron to curl or bump the threads on the front of your face if desired. Alternatively comb comb and other long hair pieces back against the chignon and secure with the pins. Add jewels, barrettes or flowers for a decorative touch.

7. Finish with your favorite hair spray for extra shine and hold.

Random tips and advice

For extra body, use a large jar or rollers to build loose curls in the hair before shaping your ponytail. Also, make sure the ponytail does not fall too hard on the scalp.

Soft, silky hair can be slippery and therefore difficult to secure with the pins. Try to combine or tease the hair before styling to add consistency and make the hair easier for the pins to grip.

Use the two bobby pins to form an intersection in places where an extra firm grip is needed.

Drive some styling gel through your ponytail to tame the fly-aways.

Be creative in terms of placement. Try to form a chignon outside the middle or higher up on the head.

There are hundreds of "twists" on the basic chignon. Try doing one with a single-stranded twist or multiple double-stranded twists. Experiment with rolling and squeezing a part of your ponytail and then winding the rest or a free form variation using only the pins. Good luck and most of all, have fun!


Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

There are more than a million choices when it comes to choosing a hairstyle. As a busy 21st century woman, it can be such a frustrating process when selecting the perfect hairstyle. Sometimes, when choosing a hairstyle, you may have one in mind that gets you excited. You might have seen it on a top-rated movie star like Penelope Cruz or a Grammy winner like Jenifer Hudson.

You may have thought that they have celebrity stylists working on their images so you could definitely copy their hairstyle. You make a quick trip to the salon with gruesome hours waiting with an end result that does not look like the perfect lob on Olivia Wilde's square face. This is when you realize the importance of choosing the right hairstyle for the right face shape. So let's try to understand more about shapes of faces.

What is your face shape?

There are a variety of face shapes. This is all in the structure of the bones as well as their configuration. The first step in choosing the best hairstyle fitted to your face shape is identifying your face shape.

* Oval: This is if your face width is less than 1/3 of your face length, therefore your face shape is considered to be oval. It has a characteristic smooth feature with no harsh corners along the jaw line with a narrow center. This is what gives a characteristic oval shape.
* Round: This is when the face has a jaw line that is soft, and a general equality of the face width and face length. It imitates a perfect general circle shape typically characterized by fuller checks.
* Heart: This is the shape created when your face tapers at the cheek but your forehead and cheekbones are wide.
* Square: This face shape creates beautiful corners with a square shape forehead and a sharper jawline that is wide and, on average, the same size in terms of face width and length.
* Long: This shape consist of a narrow face which is generally longer and features prominent cheek bones

Hairstyles suited for your shape

* Oval Face

Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape-Oval Shape

Hair is better up for the oval face. The advantages of the oval face is the perfect proportions that come with it. Therefore, you can tie your hair up, and let your beautiful face shine brightly.

This is also one of the easiest hairstyles that is suitable very elegant ladies and girls. You can choose to enhance the tail by enhancing it and making it longer and more striking. Young girls can also use this hairstyle effectively for long and short hair.

* Round Face

Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape-Round Face

The medium size cut that rests on your shoulders is a perfect choice for round faces. This gives you a stylish, yet edgy, look that lasts a certain level of class.

A useful tip is to add a few inches to the cut to increase the volume of the hair.

Have it flat ironed and highlighted to give it more funk to give the edgy touch of a woman with class.

* Heart Face

Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape-Heart Shape

The pixie coy haircut is a favorite for heart-shaped faces. This range of short hairstyles is popular with celebrities like Halle Berry, Rihanna and Katy Perry. This is a popular trend that is easy to maintain while looking fabulous.

You can add a little funk by applying various dyes and highlights like blonde and copper or luminous colors that bring out the fun personality in you.

* Square Shape

Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape-Square Shape Have graduated layers which are long that sit well on the shoulders. This hairstyle is for confident women and girls. It is a perfect everyday look and you can spruce it up with curves and waves that have an overlapping effect.

Add highlights to give your hair a nice gradient that fits your face shape. Blond seems to be a crowd favorite but when it comes to colors, choose the one that fits your hairstyle.

* Long Face

Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape-Long Shape

With a narrow face, long-flowing sweeping curls are the ideal hairstyle for your hair. The curls give a sense of attitude and elegance. Let your hair flow past your shoulders almost reaching your upper waist. This hairstyle is suitable for weddings and formal functions.

You can also add various highlights like blonde, brunette or different bold-colored highlights for more personality.

Hairstyles can be fun when exploring and choosing one that suits your face shape which is vital in creating a nice overall look. Remember that hairstyles are coupled with the outfit that you're wearing. Always explore different hairstyles and highlights to find the hairstyle that suits your needs and fits your personality.


 Buzz Cut Hairstyle – Pour une apparence simple et des soins économiques

Une coupe Buzz est une coiffure à feuilles persistantes, quelle que soit la différence entre les nouveaux styles, cette coiffure semble rester en vogue. Ce qui le rend ainsi, c'est que cette coiffure offre aux hommes qui la prennent un look plus défini. En outre, cela facilite beaucoup la vie des hommes. Donc, choisir ce style de coupe de cheveux est le moyen idéal pour commencer la scène cool et la vie efficace.

De plus, la coiffure Buzz Cut vous offre un entretien presque sans entretien, car elle vous permet de sécher facilement vos cheveux en une seconde après le bain et vous libère du besoin de brushing, de gels ou de fixatifs pour cheveux. Cela vous permet également d'économiser des centaines de dollars car vous avez besoin de moins de shampoing pour le nettoyer et pas de peignes ni de brosses pour le ranger. En conséquence, vous n'avez pas à vous soucier des mauvais jours car vous pouvez toujours savoir à quoi vous attendre.

Buzz Cut tire son nom du son du rasoir électrique utilisé pour tondre les cheveux. D'autres noms sont également utilisés: skinhead en Angleterre, équipage coupé en Australie ou semi-kalbo aux Philippines. Le nom peut vous rappeler une coupe en coupe très populaire auprès des forces armées. Cependant, la coupe d’équipage est différente car elle permet toujours à plus de cheveux de se placer sur le dessus que sur les côtés. Bien que Buzz Cut, tout se situe très près du cuir chevelu.

Techniquement, Buzz Cut est la coupe de cheveux la plus simple et la plus rapide possible car elle ne prend que quelques secondes à la coupe si elle est réalisée avec une tondeuse de qualité. La disponibilité de différentes qualités et longueurs de lames de tondeuse ou de protections vous aide également à le faire efficacement. Les longueurs des lames de tondeuse vont généralement de # 0 (lame nue), # 1 (3 mm), # 2 (6 mm), # 3 (9 mm), # 4 (12 mm), # 5 (15 mm) à # 6 (19 mm). Cependant, ils varient en fonction de la marque de tondeuse et des accessoires que vous utilisez.

De nombreuses personnalités ou idoles telles que Robert Sylvester Kelly, Wentworth Miller, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, Elijah Wood ou encore se coiffent de Buzz Cut même avec une coupe plus courte pour se démarquer. Donc, si vous vous attendez à avoir un look agréable, génial, à la coupe nette et souhaitez l'obtenir facilement, Buzz Cut est le choix qui vous convient. Prenez juste n'importe quel style de celui-ci; le fondu, le vintage flat-top, ou le simple humble buzz et être prêt à être le centre des personnes, en particulier les femmes regard.