Solid Manicure and Nail Designs

Most women love to manicure and put some nail designs in their nails. There are some who just prefer to clean it by removing cuticles and dirt then polishing with a colorless nail polish, but some would like to experiment with different types of patterns.

No matter how good your nail design is if the nail looks shabby and messy, you never look good, so it is important that you first learn the foundation of a solid manicure.

Do it yourself

We usually hire other people to do manicures but don't know it's dangerous? So beware!
It's better to do it yourself. Like this:

1. First prepare the basic tools, such as a rainbow with hot water, an emery board, preferably a high quality one, orange stick, necklace serum, cuticle trimmer, a soft flat nail buffer and brush.

2. Fill your nails in a shape you choose. Make it against the center of the nail bed and a 45 degree angle so that the chances of wear can be avoided instead, it encourages growth.

3. When you are ready to archive, work in the necklace serum and soften your nails and tissues by soaking hands in warm water for a few minutes.

4. Screw the nails with the flat nail brush and trim your nails if necessary.

5. Load gives a smooth appearance and improves circulation to the nail bed itself.

When you have done with careful manicure it is time for you to choose a nail design you would love. Apply artificial nails where acrylic, nail tips or gel is the latest crazy in nail design but if you want a fantastic nail design on artificial nails or your own nails it is better to request ideas from an expert in nail design or if you have your own idea that it is good with her to make sure your nails look great as you like!