Nerd Costume Essentials

Halloween is fast approaching, and this year, a pretty suit can be a cheap, easy and convenient alternative to other costume ideas. It has already become something of a classic suit, for both boys and girls.

There are three main areas to consider when designing your perfect geek outfit: hair, clothing and, of course, the most important accessories.

Nerd costume hair:

There are a few different ways you can go here, out of control, under maximum control and "sweet".

Perhaps the most famous is the "out of control" style. This has been proudly shown by Einstein, Doc Brown (from Back to the Future), Napoleon Dynamite and Cosmo Kramer (by Seinfeld).

At the other end of the spectrum there is "under maximum control" style – which would, of course, be via large amounts of hair gel – and with a very prominent part (either in the middle or on the side, it does not matter much). It's probably debatable, but Donald Trump's "style" may also fall under this.

For the ladies there are the foamy Betty-style pigtails – which of course also lend themselves well to sexy nerd suits for girls. Hair bows are probably the most obvious addition here.

Nerd / Geek Outfits: Again, there are some different ways you can take here

  • Button-down shirt – Must button all the way up!
  • High tide – Plaid pants are large, but quite a lot of extinguishing will work. What is most important is that they cannot come within more than 4 inches or so of the ankle joint. These can be pulled up ridiculously loudly, like Steve Urkel, but it can exaggerate things (as well as being quite uncomfortable and requiring change in posture) ..
  • Shoes – White Vans or saddle shoes tend to work best.
  • Schoolgirl Skirt – Essential for any "sexy nerd costume!"
  • Lab / Doctor Coat – For researchers see.
  • Stockings – Must be pulled up as close to the knee as possible and may not be matched.

Nerd-ccessories: Lots to choose from here, mix and match

  • Pocket protection – Filled with real pens!
  • Calculator – A calculator clock is a good replacement.
  • Glasses – With or without tape, they should be dark, thick and plastic.
  • Kick-me note – For a twist, join "Happy Halloween" instead!
  • Tie – Bow, or straight, both work, for both boys and girls.
  • Belt and Suspenders – A real nerd needs maximum lifting for the high tide!

With a healthy selection from above you can go out in the perfect nerd / geek outfit – and maybe already have everything you need in your house!