Learn How to Tell If A Girl Likes You

How to use body language signs to say a girl likes you (or not)

Learn the abracadabra of mixed body language signals that women so lovingly call "subtle tips". So you can easily see if she likes you.

It is important to realize that it is absolutely not meant to wait for any of the following signals.

These body language signals are useful to recognize if they notice you, but their lack of them should NEVER be a reason not to make a move. Anyway, this does not change the fact that a lesson in non-verbal communication may be useful.

"Reading" of women is very useful to avoid rejection.

And guess what … it's possible.

A woman reveals a lot with her body language. She can manipulate and distort her words, but her body always says the truth. When you learn how to interpret the non-verbal signals, you can see exactly what they think. If you can do this, the chance to reject is much less.

How to tell if a woman likes you or is in love with you

Of course, reading is a superpower that I suppose someone would like. The problem with that then you will always know what everyone thinks and it may prove to be not so positive for any relationship. Because we will not be able to filter out what we do not want to know, it is not a blessing in disguise not to have that power.

What we want to know is:

How a woman feels

She likes me

Whether she finds me attractive

And if she speaks the truth.

Fortunately, these things are easy to download if you pay attention. Her body communicates the things you want to know. Once you know what the signals are, you can watch out for them.

Pay attention now …


Hands Which Fidget or Stroke Objects

When she is burning or playing with objects, she is nervous or excited. She smiles at the man and plays with her hair. It is a well-known fact that this is one of the characters used to signal a girl like you.

Love, fiddling and fidgeting are actually the same: an expression of nervous energy. A girl can play with her hair, or pussy with a chain or stroke one wineglass.

To drum with your fingers on objects or pussy is a typical case of good healthy excitement. She is impressed by you and tries to get over good. That's why you see her drum and fidgeting. However, she unknowingly shows sexual excitement as she beats objects instead of fidgeting, which is actually one of the better characters a girl likes you.

Open wrists

Note her hands. Is her wrist visible? This is often a clear signal and a typically friendly gesture. She announces that she is open to you and that she feels safe. Leaving her wrists unprotected, she indicates that she feels safe and is open to you. A good sign.

She makes a fist or hides her wrists

She is defensive and can be hostile to you. The opposite is also possible. She turns her palm away from you. Look at her hands. Does she make a fist or is her hands flat on the table? Her body language certainly assures her that she is defensive, stressed or hostile.

Obviously you are doing something wrong and she is not happy with your presence right now. Not a good sign.


If she touches you for no reason, it means that she is more than normally interested in you.

Touching the shoulder is already a clear flirting signal, but if she touches your leg (for example, if she is sitting next to you) or puts her hand on her chest … then you know you are doing a good job.

Feet: What she says with her feet

Crossed legs

Basically, she says she doesn't plan to run away. I can imagine that you can easily explain this as a closed signal that crossed arms indicates she is "closed" for your information. That being said, crossed legs (as opposed to crossed arms) are actually a positive signal.

If women find you interesting, they often cross their legs as soon as twenty seconds after they meet a guy they like. She makes herself more feminine by bringing her hips out, which makes her less balanced and more vulnerable.

Feet pointing at you

When her feet point directly at you it means she is interested and her whole being is focused on you. She has no plan to run away, and inevitably her entire body is directed on your path.

You do it well.

The feet are turned sideways

She doesn't pay attention to you. Twisted feet are a clear signal of interest.

She is ready to go away and her focus is clear on something else. She might still talk to you because it is socially expected, but she prefers to talk to someone else.

She is bored, or at least not interested. It is time that you do something different before she really goes away.

ATTITUDE: What her attitude says

Folded hands

Hands folded over her breasts means that she does not feel comfortable and that she is not open to a conversation. She wants to make sure she doesn't like you. Women put up a barrier with a drink, handbag or by putting their hands over each other.

A person who does not feel comfortable with another person instinctively wants to protect their vital organs. Because this is a pretty familiar gesture of being closed to another person, she will know that this is an incredible gesture, but it doesn't matter to her.

Over the shoulder

She makes eye contact over her shoulder which means she is shy or wants to be contacted. This is also incredibly confusing, which even here she throws up an obstacle. She turns her body away, but keeps eye contact. When you are on a date with a woman who constantly turns her shoulder but makes eye contact, it means she is just shy.

Eye contact is often an aggressive and dominant signal. By turning her body away she makes eye contact without being dominant. That way, she fools you into being the aggressor.

You can easily separate this signal. When she does it from afar, you often see that she looks at you long enough to attract your attention and then turns her head away.

She is interested but shy and afraid of being vulnerable.

When you do not know her and see her from a distance, it is often her way of attracting attention without becoming too obvious.

Arches Her back

She wants to look more attractive because the chest stands out more. For a woman, this is a brilliant tactic. Think about it, her stomach gets flatter, her breasts bigger and her neck gets longer.

When men and women flirt with body language, they actually do nothing but emphasize gender differences. The hollow back does just that. It presents her feminine parts.

She does this to emphasize her femininity. It's a good sign.

Curved head

It is a typical gesture of submission. If people keep their heads down, they look smaller and submissive.

She will use it, as most men find women who are a little underhanded and unpleasant to be attractive.

If she is close to you, it may also mean that she wants to be kissed.


The closer she is to you, the nicer she finds you. In a busy disco, people are close together because they have no choice. In situations where a person can determine the distance from another person themselves, you can determine from the distance she is from you if she likes you.

EYE: What she says with her eyes


If her students grow larger, she is excited. Women do strange things to look more beautiful. A hundred years ago, women used eye drops to make their students bigger. It was already a known fact that there is a clear link between student size and sexual tension.

So when you see her staring at you with big students you do a good job. This means that she is sexually excited or sees something she wants. Pay attention to the light, by the way. At twilight the students become larger and in bright light they become smaller.

Looking away

When she breaks eye contact and looks away, she is bored. It doesn't matter how much eye contact she does with you. If she gets eye contact for a long time, it may mean she likes you, but it can also be an attempt to scare you.

You can learn a lot about how she breaks eye contact with you. If she breaks eye contact and looks to the side every time, it's not a good sign. It doesn't mean she dislikes you. This means that what you need to say does not interest her and unconsciously she looks at other interesting things.

When you notice her eyes constantly scans the whole room and she notices everything else but you are bored.

Looking up

If she breaks eye contact and looks up, she doesn't like you and you have a real problem. This is the most negative signal a woman can give you.

It may involve withdrawal, but it differs from looking to the side in the sense that the perception basically tells us that she has no respect for you.

It is a signal of contempt and disrespect. The only time it really doesn't mean anything is when a person tries to answer a question and they can try to remember the answer by looking away, whether it is on the side or up.

So if she looks sideways or upwards while trying to answer a question, it doesn't matter. In all other cases it is a bad sign.

Looking down

When she breaks eye contact by looking down, she is either impressed or in love.

You want to see this. If a woman breaks down eye contact, she wants you. Incredibly, some women seem to constantly switch between your branch and your eyes with your eyes.

By breaking down eye contact she again shows submission. She will only do it for people she is impressed by or she respects … and of course you want it.

Eyes Flashing

Should she blink more than needed with her eyes, she finds you attractive. On average, people with eyes blink about 6 to 10 times per minute. When we find someone attractive, the number increases rapidly

When I read this the first time I thought: this is impossible to trace, how do I count how many times she flashes?

In practice, fortunately, it is quite simple. Flashing is one of the easier signs to tell a girl who likes you and thinks you are attractive. If you pay attention to it, you will quickly notice when your eyes begin to blink. The difference between normal and "abnormal" is large enough.

MUG: What she says with her mouth

Mint covered by hand

When she covers her mouth when she speaks to you, she wants to mislead you. When people try to hide their emotions, they want to unknowingly cover their mouths. It happens accidentally, but people often cover their mouths with their hands.

It's such a cool way to detect fraud. You will see both men and women do this. They lie somehow to you or try to trick you.

Wets her lips

If she licks her lips or bites them, she wants to kiss you. When a woman gets excited, she begins to breathe faster and it causes her lips to dry. That's why you see her wetting her lips.

Preparing the kiss is also a reason to soak her lips. When you suddenly see her put on lip gloss, it means she is preparing for a saliva change.

Sometimes when she is really excited, she even bites her lip. Of course, you cannot ignore such a clear signal.

Sounds easy Unfortunately, body language is not an exact science.

Her students can grow bigger because the light is dim. She can put her arms over each other because it is cold, she can put her foot aside because she is suffering from the knee, she can blink a lot because of chicken fever and so on.

A single signal is therefore not reliable at all. Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to a group of signals.

Clusters tell the truth

Do you recognize several positive signals from a woman at once? Then you can surely assume that she wants you and vice versa. A cluster of "negative" signals may indicate that she is not so much in you.

How to learn to read her body language

We are born with the ability to read body language. As a small child, we can separate angry faces from happy faces. We can see if someone is nervous, angry or sad.

Most men are simply bad at recognizing when a woman likes them. First, because men are only worse than women when reading body language. Second, nine times out of ten, for men are too busy with themselves. They are busy trying to get a good impression.

The other is easy to overcome. If you're nervous or just concerned about how to get over her, it's easy to forget to pay attention to her.

If you can learn to focus on her then the first characters she gives will be quick and easy to stand out. However, to be really good when you read the characters that say a girl likes you, you have to invest time. Not something you can learn in a few days, unfortunately, it is time and attention is needed.

Start by observing other couples on a date. See if you can get any signals the woman gives. Then try yourself, step by step. Focus first on the hands, then on the posture and so on. Build your skills step by step.