Free Catamaran Designs – As Many As You Want!

Catamaran design is a specialized company. Or they would make you believe. If you want to build a catamaran for yourself, you need some real plans. You may have found me that not only they are extremely expensive, the plans that are commercially available do not really seem to fit the bill. The alternative is to approach a professional boat hull designer to design it for you.

IT will cost you

What's wrong with that? Well, first of all, it will cost you a lot of money. These guys don't come cheap. But more importantly, you will rely on someone else's interpretation of the catamaran design that you are looking for. What happens if after two weeks of this expensive designer's time you find that his design is not entirely what you had thought of?

What are you doing?

1. Will you ask him to spend more time (and more of your money) on redesigning the design?

2. Or, to keep costs down, you just go with what he has come up with, even if it does not fully match your ideal?

3. Or should you just pour the money down the drain and abandon the idea?

You can see the problem. I have seen the above scenario develop a couple of times and in both cases the customer has gone to option 2. The result is that they have ended up in a catamaran design that resembles their original idea, but disappointed, not really on the nail.

Design it yourself

A much better way to approach the catamaran hook design if you are considering building a catamaran, or having a built for you, is to design yourself. For less than the cost of an hour of a professional boat designer's time, you can purchase built-in software that enables you to realize your ideas for yourself.

"Don't talk nonsense!" I hear you say. I don't know the first thing about designing a catamaran. Well, my father taught me to always be somewhat skeptical about statements made by people. Who says catamaran design is a specialized company? Well, it is part of a learning curve involved, but I have discovered that it is not as difficult as people knock out. As usual, they only protect their own interests.

Get the design you want!

Even if you have no experience and are a bit shaken by the idea, the software will guide you through the process to help you achieve what you are looking for. I have now designed and built two catamarans using this software and let me tell you that I will never come back to a professional for a boat hull design ever again. The pleasure of being from both designing and building your own catamaran takes a little to beat, let me assure you. And even if you just want to experiment with your ideas first, you soon get the confidence to continue and start preparing your plans for your first catamaran. And once you've done one, you will find that you can continue churning them out, one by one. Well, maybe they are not strictly free, but with the freedom to design within their fingertips they can also be.

And when you put one of your catamaran designs into production, you really start enjoying your catamaran sailing like never before!