First Aid for Hair Salons – 5 Emergencies to Avoid

Need Hair Salon Need to Know About First Aid? Having been asked by Toni and Guy's Cosmetology School in Orange County to talk to their students about first aid, I realized that there was a serious lack of information out there that dealt with things that could happen at hairdressers.

So what are the most important types of emergencies that can occur on hairdressers?

Here are the 5 best risks at the salon:

1.) Cuts

2.) Thermal burns

3.) Electric burns

4.) falls

5.) Chemical release / inhalation

Shortcuts – Stylists use razors scissors and cuts is a possibility. Did the stylist take too much of the ear and made you look like van gogh? Better pack some gauze in the first aid kit.

Thermal burns – With straight iron, ripple iron and ovens in cosmetic schools, it is very likely that thermal burns will occur. Cold water works best on burns – stay away from ointments, butter etc.

Electric burns – Too many appliances connected to electric plates can cause fires. Shrink iron, straight iron and a hair dryer? All of these draw serious power conditions and can overload electrical wiring. Remember to keep them away from the water to prevent electrocution. Make sure your staff knows how to turn off the power of your circuit board as well.

Falls – Broom is your friend! Keeping the hair swept up prevents falls, ankles and broken wrists. The last thing you need is a little old lady who takes a headline in the salon and has the fire department to show up.

Chemical spill and inhalation – 99% of all salons are well ventilated and it is important to keep chemicals separated. Bleach and ammonia are toxic when mixed together. Each salon should have a Material Safety and Data Sheets listing all the chemicals used in the salon and their chemical properties are OSHA compatible.

There you have it! Cuts, burns, falls and chemical spills can cause chaos to your employees and customers! Protect yourself as well as possible! Do you want to get all your staff on the same page? Many CPRs and first aid companies offer CPR training on site and will train you at your salon. Your employees and customers will thank you!