Dress to Impress: How to Impress Your Ex

Do you want the dreams of one to see again in your direction? How can you physically attract him? Read the article below to find out how you can impress your ex by dressing up!

Groom yourself

First of all, it's not always about the dress you wear. In order for you to pay attention, you should always be moderate. Bathe every day, wear perfumes that suit you, pick your eyebrows and have a hairstyle that flatteres the face shape. You should always look and smell good.


Sometimes it is not really what you are wearing. You can buy the most expensive dress to impress him and yet not be noticed. It's about the attitude. Safe women are always sexy in the eyes of men. Buy clothes that you are comfortable with and always try to feel good about you.

Flaunt your assets

Dress to impress him by showing your best assets. If he loves your beautiful arms you wear sleeveless. If he enjoys your legs, it is by any means there any short. Have something tight if you have flat abs. It's about flaunting the good things about your body.

Keep it simple

Guys do not really like girls who are completely structured. If you want to impress him, wear something light on the eyes. Too much makeup makes you look like a slut against the opposite sex. Just wear simple clothes but not so simple that it no longer flatteres you

Access well

One of the tricks with correct dressing is to have the right accessories. Don't overdo it by adding all your accessories. Accessories are meant to be used to add an accent to your already beautiful dress. It is not nice for the eyes if there are so many things that happen to your clothing. Your ex boyfriend doesn't want to be seen with someone who looks like a Christmas tree.

Don't show it all

We all know that guys love to reveal outfits. But make your ex want you more by leaving something to his imagination. Looking sexy doesn't mean you have to show too much skin. You should always dress appropriately all the time. If you reveal too much skin, guys might think you're a light girl. Don't let him think you're a desperate girl by showing him everything. You always want to be treated well. The last thing you want is to look cheap and sticky. Except that you don't get the respect for your ex, if you dress like that.