Braun Electric Shaver Series 7 (790cc – 760cc) Information


This is currently Braun's top in the shaver and one that will do all the jobs to make a clean, even light shave. Let us take a trip around the features that this shaver can increase and as you will see this shaver can be your answer to your shaving needs.

Features are important for a shaver, they really add a dimension to shaving which makes you get the most out of your shaver. Pulsonic Technology, what does it mean and how will it affect shavers ability. This gives a vibrating effect of 10,000 vibrations per stroke, so you don't have to push the shaver over our contour in the face. It just slides and takes the strain. Triple Cutting Action What happens exactly here, you have to do it 3 times, no. The head has three cutting blades and in the middle part is an active lift / Power Comb that lifts low flat hair for the outside of the knives to cut off, so all hair is cut in a simple movement. Optifoil, this is Braun's new cutting foil that has different sizes in hexagonal holes that can cut longer hair from different directions. Fully flexible shaving system which means that the shaver will stay in the contour of your face through the flexible and swiveling head. The personalization mode is where we set the oscillation and bending of the shaver head so that they fit our faces. One of the better features of this shaver is what is called Clean & Renew System, this is a must if you want to keep your shaver in sharp condition, let's run through what this device does for our shaver.

  1. Automatic program selection adapts to individual shaving needs based on three individual cleaning programs
  2. Automatic recharges charge the shaver when it is housed in a clean and renewed unit for a fully charged shaver for the next use.
  3. Help Prevent skin irritation, Alcohol cleaning fluid is flushed through the shaver cleaning all parts of the main shaving head, which is much more hygienic than water.
  4. Active drying technique heated system that dries the shaver as opposed to cleaning under running water where it would be difficult to dry properly.
  5. Lubricating, this I think is the most important function in the clean and renew system and cause.

Moving parts must be lubricated to keep them in top condition and ready for the next use, plus it will extend the shaver lift.

There are many more features on this shaver that:

  1. Long hair trimmer for the sideburns and mustache.
  2. LCD screen that provides information on battery life hygiene status and operating status.
  3. Fast charge a 5 minute charge for a shave.
  4. Full charge 60 minutes for full charge.
  5. Dual Voltage 100v / 240v Blue power light and of course it is wireless or wired.

There we have a shaver that we meet any need and in comfort gives a clean even shave.

BRAUN 760 cc

The shaver 760 cc is like 790 cc but with some small details and only you can decide if they are needed within your shaver.

The difference, 790 cc, has an Lcd that provides reading for battery and hygiene where as 760 cc only has a reading for the battery. The next is within the clean and renew system, 790 cc has a fast cleaning, 30 seconds flushing) The 760 cc doser has this function. There is not much of a difference, why would you want a quick cleaning if you remove the shaver in the unit after each use. The decision is yours and I just hope that I have given you some useful information about Braun 790 cc and 760 cc. The difference in price is not worth talking about as there are only a few dollar differences between them.