Barbers – Not Just A Men’s Haircutter!

A barber is a person who uses to cut any type of hair, shaving and trimming the beard. In earlier times, hairdressers also performed head massage, body massage including surgery and dental care. With the development of the razors and the increasing rarity of the beard, the razors are limited only to hair cutting. In countries like India, Pakistan and some golfing countries, many hairdressers still exercise as an extra service. Most countries in the world have only limited the use of surgery to the qualified surgeons.

In American and Commonwealth countries, barbers specialize in the simple cutting of men's hair. They do not offer any significant styling or "fancy" haircuts compared to hairdressers working in hairdressing. More recently, larger numbers of women have gone to a hairdresser for their hair clippings, especially when they choose to have their hair cut very short or shaved. Some Master Barbers change themselves as hairdressers and work in a salon. There is a common distrust that barbers do no service other than hair cutting, but this is not true.

The trade in hairdresser is old. Razors have been found among relics of the Bronze Age in Egypt, and shaving is mentioned in the Bible by Ezekiel who said "Now, human, take a sharp sword and use it as a hairdresser's razor to shave your head and your beard. (NIV)" India's culture had given a special status to the hairdressers. According to the Hindu rituals, barbers have a special place from child birth to death. Every ritual is not complete without the presence of a hairdresser. Barber's profession was introduced to Rome from the Greeks and shaving shops quickly became very popular centers for daily news and gossip. Hairdressers from earlier times in the Middle East and Gulf countries were also surgeons and dentists. In addition to hair clipping, hairdressing and shaving, hairdressers performed surgery on wounds, blood loss, cupping and leeching, enemas and tooth extraction and grinding.

The day is gone when the barber would cut your hair or just run the razor over your head or face. In modern times, fashion declarations change regularly and men get harder and smarter with their hair clippings. They have also realized the importance of looking good. And with guys who grow their hair, hairstyles now play an important role in human life.

Currently, short hair is very common among the population, long hair is somewhat unusual. The medium length of hair is the most preferred option worldwide. Rock stars or their fans, students, journalists, politicians or any guy with a passion for hair are very selective about the hair in terms of maintenance and hair care. The design of the clip cannot be specifically defined. They often vary from person to person depending on hair structure, facial cutting and many other factors.

Women's haircuts are also becoming popular worldwide, with short hair giving clear benefits over their longer counterparts. Longer hair also needed to cut, but usually they are complicated. Generally, men's cuts are not as complicated as women's. For straight hair it is not so much trouble, but for hair with a little fizz it can be very difficult. In such cases, hair styling is required. If the hair's consistency is rough and soft, it must be pre-conditioned to experiment with some of the hairstyles. With changing times, shaving has seen many changes and it will change further with the coming time.