Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits

Home cures and treatments have been part of our culture since the cave men first walked the earth. With today's economy and the rising cost of care, more and more people turn to the home as a solution to many small health problems. The most used home is, among other things, the use of apple cider vinegar, as it is full of nutrients and minerals that will facilitate discomfort for a lot of health problems and may make you look better too.

This brown liquid is one of the cheapest and healthful liquids on the market today. It may not be a miracle elixir, but it will certainly come close. There is simply no single product that offers so many healthy benefits to its users.

Personal hygiene benefits

Apple cider vinegar is used in many homes as a personal hygiene product from the top of the head down to the toes. Used in different concentrations, this wonderful cheap product can make your hair shine and fight dandruff. It can make your skin glow, fight acne and help remove warts painlessly. Used in different concentrations also eliminates body and foot odor that makes you look and smell fresh all day.

First aid benefits

First aid benefits of apple cider vinegar are also well known to those who often use home remedies. It can take to be used to sun tan and insect bites, to cure a rash, stop nosebleeds and a host of other things.

The right blend of vinegar and water can help reduce night sweats in menopausal women, so they can rest more comfortably and wake up feeling up to date. It has been used successfully to reduce the swelling of painful hemorrhoids and to fight urinary tract infections. It can help relieve the pain of sore throat and reduce the swelling of varicose veins. It has also been shown to help fade bruises faster and light age spots. It helps treat major medical conditions.

Studies have shown that with the help of apple cider vinegar can help in the treatment of some major medical problems and conditions. A tablespoon of this vinegar combined with a tablespoon of honey in 8 oz of water, taken twice a day can help lower blood pressure in many individuals, reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Studies have also shown that 2 or 3 teaspoons of vinegar mixed with water can lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, which can also help prevent heart disease and prevent diabetes or help regulate sugar levels in type 2 diabetics. Drinking a glass of water with 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar daily has been shown to help maintain bone health and combat the onset of osteoporosis.

While some apple cider vinegar will have some medicinal properties, it is recommended that if you want most of this vinegar you should buy the unstressed variety with the small cobweb town that sees it floating because it contains most vitamins and minerals. As with any self-medication, if you are taking other medications, you should contact your doctor before starting any home treatment.