Air Tools – Industry’s Best Roofing Nailers

Imagine a nail that is designed to shoot more precisely, balance more perfectly and work more efficiently than anyone else you have used and you still cannot believe in the utterly awesomeness of these three Hitachi, Senco and Porter-Cable pneumatic nails. . With innovative designs, durable components and reliable manufacturing, these models exemplify the absolute best of the air tool community. So, if you're on the market for one of the best industrial pneumatic roof nails, let me introduce the following pneumatic nails in all their honor and high quality professional performance.

To begin with, the Hitachi NV45AE (1-3 / 4 "sidlast) coil nail design, innovation and overall power to deliver the most impressive and professional high performance, even though the construction is designed with all aluminum components for maximum durability, the tool can still weigh only 5.5 kg, lightweight, manoeuvrable and extremely balanced, the ergonomic design tool provides the most comfortable and controlled operation, just like the 7/8 "- 1-3 / 4" wire collar fastener, the tool also has a pneumatic nail feeding mechanism that drives nail protection and nail back for the most consistent operation even under the harshest conditions. An improved rubber composite protector protects the side edge of the nail magazine (as well as other critical points on the tool body) to ensure durability and the tool has a side loading magazine for quick and easy nail recharging. with a toolless depth drive that can adjusted at any time selected. ersatile as well as comfortable. The tool's patented armrest design has integrated holes to remove any build-up of dirt or dirt, and with less recoil, the tool also has less kickback to move you faster over each application. Ultimately, with style and innovation, the nail consumes less air for increased productivity during each compressor cycle, and with a faster bounce rate, the tool is impressively fast and always efficient.

In addition, the Senco RoofPro 455XP coil nails are a brilliant tool with great power and superior technology to handle your heavy duty jobs with a sophisticated, professional ease. Efficiently running full-round head, 11 gauge nails (3/4 "1-3 / 4" smooth shaft), the tool is completely reliable and with an adjustable nail can to accommodate the full range of nails, the weapon is comfortable and adaptable to your changing needs. A 360 degree adjustable exhaust port ensures that both the tool and the materials are clean and clear, and with a toolless adjustable jaw depth, the nail is consistent and controllable exactly. With a weight of only 5.4 kg, it is hard to believe that FramePro could pack such a serious bang, but it does. It has a strong engine and operates in either sequential or activation mode for the most versatile and accurate performance. In addition, this powerful nail is easy to use (even if you work with one hand) with a comfortable design and a durable, lightweight aluminum housing. At the end, Senco is a big name in the pneumatic business, and this is because they build air tools like this one that will perform and assume all expectations.

Porter-Cable's RN175A roof nail is one of the most powerful pneumatic tools on the market today and with the power to drive nails from 7/8 "to 3-1 / 4", the tool has a truly intense effect. The nail's compact body design contributes to its well-balanced and overall smooth style, and with an internal piston's capture mechanism, each shot is consistently powerful. A selectable transition mode between sequential or contact activation mode and with a toolless adjustable draft to properly set the nails each time, craftsmen have complete control over each action. The nail has a strong nail feed mechanism with two feed catches, and with a tool-free adjustable exhaust, craftsmen can send debris (in which direction) away from workpieces. Steel slides with double rubber inserts protect the tool while keeping it from sliding raised ceilings and a steel contact security with dual carbide inserts for increased overall durability. In the end, these nails with the power and speed have the capacity to attach a whole bundle of shingles without reloading, shooting consistently with each shot and always working effectively. Thereby you have a tool that provides reliable productivity and comfortable precision during all assignments.

Porter-Cable's RN175A is also available rebuilt. For those who are not familiar with refurbished tools, they are an exceptional value that gives craftsmen the high-performance tools to a small part of their usual price. Everything starts with a tool that, for some minor defects, is returned to the manufacturer for strict inspection and restoration procedures. Here, the tools are restored to meet strict manufacturer standards and resold to the market with an "R" that follows the model number. This "R" and sometimes as much as hundreds of dollars are the only differences between a brand new tool and a refurbished. Ultimately, the value of refurbished tools is striking, especially with a tool that is as cool as a Porter-Cable roof nail.

Of course, one of these roofers has the nails you are looking for from a pneumatic gun. With great power and even precision, each of these roofers represents what is best about the pneumatic roofing group and what is most important to you at work.