A Barber Shop Necessity – The Oster Classic 76 Clippers

Oster Classic 76 has a power plant with opportunities for the experienced hairdresser and for the beginner who is ready to graduate from cheap, easy to break clippers and go up to the top of the classic clipper that does everything with all hair types, in an efficient, simple way. The Cheese 76 enables more than just the average buzz cut, while making the buzz cutter easier than ever. The Oster Classic 76 has a powerful engine that cleans and sharply cuts the hair in an attractive way, providing flawless bleaching and lightweight shaving.

Oster Clipper Quality

This clipper set is very durable and reliable and will be far longer than you can use the extra powerful engine. Although the Classic 76 is a virtual whirlwind of horsepower, the engine is constantly silent and cool, a favorite quality of barbers and hairdressers. The patented engine design moves the precision ground blade towards the cam, providing a smooth, clean and close cut every time you use it. The casing of the Classic 76 is almost indestructible, proud made in the USA from a durable valox material.

Clipper Accessories

Alternative blade sets can also be purchased if the included sizes 1 (76918-086) and size 000 (76918-026) removable blades do not suit your needs. The Oster Classic 76 uses the Cryogen-x blade which allows for fast blade changes with thirteen sizes of blades that allow endless styling possibilities. The Oster Classic 76 is easy to clean and sterilize, making it hygienic for every cut.


The Oster Classic 76 is a bit pricier than some sheets on the market, but durability, versatility and the simple use of this clipper will quickly pay for itself as the clipper can be used repeatedly in a home or hairdresser.

Clipper Benefits

The Oster Classic 76 will be a lifetime and has trouble-free repairable and reliable parts. The powerful engine provides a hairdresser or a home-based hairdresser with the ability to cut through all hair types. Thick, thin, curly or rough, any hair can easily be cut in many styles with this powerful, reliable mower.