What do I know about raising children?

I am a regular mother of two amazing children, but hey, I am biased, as most mothers and dads are. So what makes me think that I am on the right track and raises my children to be good? What are my signs of understanding my children's needs?

To be completely honest with you, like most parents, every day is a brand new one, we start more often than not to run around in the house like crazy people looking for shoes, ties, sports shorts etc. Although I am super organized each weekend, do all the washing with the kids and ask for their help to put everything away. We still lose things every morning before school.

Literally, my daughter has three hairbrushes, I was so sick of not being able to find where she puts them down every morning that every time I went for food purchases I would get a new one to save me some time. Has it worked but … NO! Three brushes have all been missing sometimes at times. Normally they find stuffed under my daughter's bed or in the car, because she runs out the door with it in her hand to do it while we travel to and from our destination.

Do this because my daughter is disorganized? Maybe, but she's twelve, and I'm not going to tell her about small things like this. I often remind them of the importance of time management and they usually listen when I count down how many minutes we have before we leave home.

Nor do I like to compare my children, both my kids are unique and have their own idiosyncrasies, so why do parents compare their children? Maybe it's because they only know their own children from the inside out, and they compare what a child did to the other. Although I think this is OK during their early development to some extent, I really believe that parents should remember that every child comes into the world differently, they will uniquely be different in life as well.

I believe that we as all parents do what we know, we are not experts in raising children, but we can be the master of our own children and teach them confidence, respect and tools to be great members of society when they are older. We should not be self-reliant with this gift, our children are the future, and we must continue to show them respect, love, confidence, care, encouragement, pride, strength, confidence and gratitude as often as possible. This, in turn, will help them grow up understanding these traits and being aware of others in society.