Storage Ideas for Kids Rooms

Is your child's room cluttered and it looks like you never have enough storage space to put away all his things? One of the most common difficulties in most homes, is having enough space to store things, and especially in the bedroom areas. Children in particular need places to organize and store things like toys, shoes, sports equipment, hobby items, clothes, school supplies, books and much more. Traditional furniture like chests and dressers are great for storing many items, however, they usually never really provide enough places to put everything away. So what's a person to do?

If you're looking for some practical storage ideas for kids rooms, here are some basic things that you can do to make more places to organize all your child's belongings and keep her room tidy.

  • Redo the closet area – Whether there is small or large closet area, you can still get more organizational space out of it than you think. The best thing to do is to totally remove everything in the closet, get rid of stuff that your child does not use or need, and determine what actually needs to be in the closet. Then, go to a nearby hardware store and purchase low cost organizational shelving, closet rods, hanging shelves and anything else that can provide another drawer, shelf or hanging space to the closet. Usually, simply tightly organizing a closet with wall to wall shelving, one or two clothes rod, and some hanging shelves that easily can be dropped from a closet rod will double your current closet space. You'll be surprised at how much you can pack into a small closet with just a little organization.
  • Rethink the bedroom furniture – Bedroom furniture can be great in a room, but it can also use up much needed floor space and not provide as much storage space and one might think. Especially in a kids room, it's a good idea to rethink the type of furniture that can provide the most organizational storage, and not use up much floor space. One popular bed style today is a bed made with storage for kids that offers drawers underneath the bed frame. These serve the same purpose as a chest or dresser and depending on what size you choose, can offer as much or more space to store things. Choosing this type of bed can free up a lot of square foot in the room, plus it is a practical product for storage.
  • Replace your conventional shelves – If your youngster needs more space for storing books, sports equipment, hobby items, shoes or other things, it's hard to fit all this on a typical book shelf. Contemporary cubby hole shelves built for maximum storage can provide enough places to store just about everything. You can select pre-built cubby hole shelving that is simple, box-like construction and that can be added to, if need be. Large baskets or containers made from wire, cotton, wicker, plastic or woven basket material are often used to slide into the cubby holes. These can hold a huge amount of items. You can also leave some cubby holes open, to be used without containers. These can be used to put books, shoes, ball, gloves and other items that do not fit well into baskets.

These are just some of the basic storage ideas for kids rooms that can make life easier and help keep a tidy bedroom. In order to be organized, all you have to do is be a bit creative and use smart ideas for creating a clutter-free room for any youngster.