Start Young – Get Your Kids Organized

It is never too early to start teaching your children to be stylish and organized. When my grandson was only two years old, she knew that before leaving my house to go home, she had to put her toys away. She knew I had a toy basket where I put all her books and toys and that was where everything went. No excuses. I like my home nicely and I expected her to help. All that happened was that I showed her how to put the toys back in the basket and she quickly followed my example.

An organized home does not happen miraculously. It takes everyone in the home to create an environment that is organized and works smoothly. Having children does not mean that your home must be disorganized or a messy mess. Children learn from their parents. If you start expecting things from your children at a young age and teaching them responsibility, you can get a home that is neat and organized.

The point is to teach your child some valuable tools for the future. It is really important to give them encouragement and let them know that they did a good job.

The problem I seem to have encountered is that most parents I treat do not have any expectations for their children. Toys and clothes sprinkled all over the house and the children should never know that they should get away.

Or if they hear, the children ignore the "request" and the parents ignore the fact that they are ignored. See the bike?

In today's society, most households have two parents who work, therefore it is more important than ever that children help around the house. Parents are parents … not maids and butlers. Perhaps the fact that both parents work and have less time than they did years ago is that they feel obliged not to be left and thus let their children get away with not helping. They don't make their kids any favorites.

By not teaching them to help around the house or picking up after themselves, they set them up for failure.

An organized child will do better at school. If they have their rooms organized and their clothes organized, they will have everything at hand and will not be late for school and they will be prepared for their lessons.

Some parents believe that just because they themselves are not so good looking and organized means that they cannot or do not have the right to tell their children that they should fetch themselves. This is where I must remind you that they are the parent. They have rights that children do not. Remember the old saying: "Do what I say and not what I do"?

How many parents are overwhelmed by math and science today? Does that mean your children don't have to do their homework? Just because you don't understand it?

It's the same way to be organized. Just because you may not be the most organized person doesn't mean you can't expect your child to be. If you can't teach yourself to organize yourself, you can hire a professional organizer to come in and teach them to be organized … just as you would hire a bath instructor if you can't swim or skate if you can't skate. .

I have got parents to hire me to teach their children how to organize their room and organize their wardrobes and show them how to dress their clothes (instead of just pushing them in the boxes). Children tend to listen to everyone except their parents.

Give your child the tools they need to succeed. Start them young and expect things from them. They will thank you …. later … when they are adults.

Some things children can do:

2-4 year olds

Put away toys

Pick up the clothes from the floor

4-6 year olds

Clean spills

Dry the kitchen table

Learn to make the bed

Learn how to set the table

Matching socks

6-8 year olds

Making the bed

Remove the disc

Sweep the waves

Put the clothes in the hammer

Set the table

Clear the table

Learn how to separate the clothes for the laundry


8-12 year olds

Put their own laundry away

Help make dinner

Make your own lunches

Raking leaves

Help wash the car

Empty debris

Clean the bathroom

Help actually do the laundry

Weed the garden

13-15 years

Clean the entire house

Learn how to manage their schedule

Mow the lawn


Wash your car on your own


16-18 year olds

Get a job after school

Go to the grocery store

Run cases as needed

Learn how to make a resume

Learn how to manage money.