Retro Birthday Party – 8 Amazing Tips for a Baby Boomer's Blast from the Last Birthday Bash

If you are planning a birthday party for a children's boom, which may be older in the years, but certainly not in attitude, then it is time to celebrate his or her youthful spirit. This person is not a candidate for one over the hill. Here are eight tips for throwing a good back on your youth celebration for his or her milestone bash.

1. Get your guests in the mood to travel back in time with amazing party invitations. You can choose photo birthday invitations that contain images of the honor of his or her youth. Another option is to choose invitations that contain fun facts from the year he or she was born. Finally, you can only download a couple of packages of children's party invitations to make it clear that this event is for someone who is always young.

2. Create a retro atmosphere. Make a list of some of the "cool" symbols of the honorary guest's younger years. Things like peace signs, tie colors, flower power, hippies, woodstock, VW bus, smiley faces and lava lamps are good representations of the 60s and early 70s. Disco balls and platform shoes can be used for the 70s, but only if the celebrant was a fan. Borrow items from your friend's winds, search eBay or visit a party store store to start buying your decorations.

3. Look at the past. Use images from every step of the honor of the guest's life to add to the decor. You can hang poster size or collage from different images. Group-framed old photographs for nostalgic masterpieces. You can even make individual placemats by laminating photos on 11 x 17 inch billboard.

4. Take back the taste of yesterday. Choose a menu of comfort food from the birthday boy or the girl's youth. What was their favorite dinner when they grew up? Check out "foil TV food trays" on your favorite search engine for a unique way to serve your meals. Another nice touch is providing bowls on each table filled with retro candy, they are also available online from companies specializing in nostalgic candy.

5. Play the old famous songs. Call up old memories of good times with classic hits from the honor of the guest's teens and twenties. You can find CDs with compilations of the best songs from any year. Your local library can even get them to borrow.

6. Provide games for the young at heart. Play "names that are right" with songs from your era and watch your guests live. Answering trivia questions is always fun. You can challenge people with a list of quotes from today's popular movies and TV shows and see who can identify most sources. If you dig up some old toys, like throw-over, twister and hungry-hungry hippo, you can get tournaments. And of course, all the winners give a prize as a tie-colored t-shirt.

7. Favorites are a nice old-fashioned way of saying, "thank you for sharing the fun". Stay with the retro theme when giving out these little tokens of appreciation to your guests. These memories can be anything from cheap peace signs to smiley-face pencils. Or if you're looking for more of a memory case, choose something that is personal with the guest's honor photo and message, such as laptops, bookmarks, magnets or candy bars. There is also a wide range of favorites that can be printed with statistics and events from the anniversary of the celebrant's birth.

8. Thank you for the memories. Let the guest know how special he or she is to everyone at the party. Fit out paper clips and ask everyone to write a good memory that they have of the birthday boy or girl. Collect the pieces of paper and place them in a memory pot to be presented to the celebrant.

So, celebrate the baby boomer's milestone with a retro birthday party. Make it a blast from the past that brings back the good old days in style. Just follow these tips and it is guaranteed to be a fun and memorable opportunity for everyone.