Professional tips for taking and editing baby pictures

Every photographer knows the old saying – never work with children or animals. They are impossible to handle and they always find new and creative ways to destroy your shot. So, taking a nice baby picture can take a lot of effort and time. What's more, finishing is careful work and many photographers don't like it. However, child photography does not have to be so difficult and time consuming. To facilitate the entire process, here are some useful tips on how to take and edit good baby photos.

Tips for taking baby pictures

First, let's talk about several ways in which you can take better photos of your baby.

  • Choose a good position

By placing the baby in a cute or interesting pose, you can take a much better shot. Try to catch the child in a natural and comfortable position, that is when she is sleeping or laughing. Always always make the child's face the main interest of your composition. The face keeps all its character and feelings so it makes your image much more powerful.

  • Use the use of props

Supplies are an exciting and creative way to take innovative and unique images. By placing the child in a basket or dressing it in a fun suit, you can add freshness and interest to a picture. When it comes to props you can try to think outside the box and come up with something that fits both the situation and never seen before.

  • Pay attention to the light

Lighting is everything in photography. The word "photography" in itself means "writing with light". When taking baby pictures, the soft light is very pleasing to the eye and suitable for composition. Babies are gentle and fragile, so light should reflect it. Sharp contrast and strong shadows can work elsewhere, but for baby photos, the softer the light becomes the better.

  • Location, Location, Location

Depending on the season and the purpose, baby pictures can be taken both indoors and outdoors. Indoors are better to get the most out of your props and be creative with the position. But the range outdoors with regard to the background and make the shot more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Include the parents in the shot

When it comes to parents, it is important to really show the connection between parents and children. Again, the position here is very important. Try to emphasize the amount of contrast between the child and the parent, or try to place them in a caring and protective position.

Tips for editing baby pictures

After you have made many fantastic baby photo ideas and completed shooting, it is now necessary to edit the images with Movavi to make the best of them.

  • Remove the background

If for some reason you are dissatisfied with the background, you can easily remove it with an image editor. A good editor is the photographer's best friend – it offers endless possibilities. After removing the unwanted background, you can replace it with something more appealing or appropriate.

  • Captions and filters

Professional Tips for Capturing and Editing Baby Images -2Filters can add depth and interest to a photo. By choosing a filter that adds softness, you can emphasize the subject – the child. What's more, when you add captions to the image, you can easily tell the story behind the picture. Your texts can be as short as a single word or a complete sentence.

  • Retouch the images

Retouching is another important step in editing. By correcting the white balance and colors, you can make the image even more striking. There is no need to spend hours retouching images – the image editing software usually comes with some built-in presets. So, if there is some time for editing, just select the best preset for the image you are working on.

  • Crop the image

When we take and edit a photo, we should try to stick to the third party rule. The rule tells us where to place the substance to make the composition better. By following this rule, we ensure that our topic shines. Cutting the image in the post-production to follow this rule is sometimes necessary, but try not to cut too much.

  • effects

The editor often also comes with some effects that can be added to a photo. Effects can be used to draw attention to the subject, and they can also add a little feeling to the photo. However, carefully select the consequences and always follow the rule – less is more. Too many effects can affect the composition poorly.