Hand Embroidery Kids & # 39; Clothes

The children's clothing decorated with hand embroidery is just as suitable as party clothes and casuals. The range of embroidery stitches and patterns available and the enormous scope of this craft of decoration have been built alive through the years of attraction and interest in hand embroidery. In Victorian Britain, learning hand embroidery used to be a sign of sophistication. Although machine embroidery has been introduced as part of the industrial revolution, the status of hand embroidery has not diminished. It is obvious why, when it comes to dressing up their little princes and princesses, parents prefer hand embroidery to children's clothes.

Hand embroidery is a skill that requires patience and practice to perfect. An expert can work magic with his skills by adding varied structures and dimensions to the patterns. Many stitches vary from simple and stitches and set stitches to the more complicated stitches that braided ribbon stitches. Velvet tufting can create a small fluff of embroidery, and adding some beads to the nozzle seam makes these twisted patterns more attractive. Socks, tops, vests, linen and panties, hand embroideries have been tested on almost every possible child & # 39; Wear with great success.

Floral designs and images of animals are very common in hand embroidery baby clothes. Rabbits, puppies and teddy bear are some of the most popular baby clothes. Qualified embroidery can create life as flowers, the most popular among them are carnations and roses. The hand-smocking is often used to shape the clothes into specific styles, and also to add texture and dimension. Handmade bishop dress is a very popular fashion for young girls. They can be scattered with bullion roses. When it comes to embroidery it is often less. An addition of some bird stars can dramatically change the look of a regular dress, making it elegant but comfortable to wear.

In addition to using threads, hand embroidery often uses ribbons for children. This is especially common is clothing intended for special occasions such as weddings. Bands are exceptionally good for creating three-dimensional patterns. They can be used to create floral patterns and can also be used to add highlight in an otherwise ordinary textile cloth. In other ways, bands are often found in flannels and sheets for infants. Satin band is soft on the skin, this way of decorating clothes is a convenient choice for children. Embroidery is available on the market, giving a certain amount of freedom to customers to decorate their own clothes.

The eye necklace is another gift, embroidery has given the children's world & # 39; wear design. When applied to fabrics of contrasting colors, the effect of using the eye neckband can be quite amazing. Eye tissue is available in a number of colors and they are often used for dresses, skirts and bridal gowns. Embroidery designs including eye lace and fabric are considered a suitable choice for clothing used for doping services. Bands can be included as an extra decoration on these clothes.

On clothes, for newborns and underwear typically means decorated with stitches that will have fewer stitches on the inside of the clothes. Many companies choose to add a protective cover to the back of the embroidery which gives greater freedom when designing while the clothes are very comfortable for the children's skin. For both comfort and for aesthetic reasons, the children's sheets often have patterns along the borders rather than in the middle where the child is lying down.

Hand embroidery is used not only in the children's clothing, but also on their toys. For children, toys, especially plush toys, they work as accessories for their clothes. A filled teddy bear with embroidered bow can go well with a teddy bear design. If it is your child's favorite toy, chances are that it will spend a while with your child even on special occasions. Having an embroidered soft toy that fits well with a brand new dress can make you proud to show off your little one to your friends without feeling embarrassed by Teddy or puppy who operates him / her everywhere.

Embroidery can be a good choice to add variety to children's beauty & # 39; Clothes. Alternatives, such as adding interfaces or fusible nets to the inside of embroidered clothing, to cover the back of the patterns, make it suitable for children of all ages and skin types.