Fashion Design and Merchandising Partnership

Fashion design and merchandising go hand in hand on the fashion world's runway. Fashion merchandising means the business side of fashion and offers great opportunities for people who love fashion and want to have a career in buying, product development, management or fashion marketing. Fashion design and merchandising are demanding jobs but also very rewarding.

A Merchandiser

A merchandiser is involved in each step of the process. Fashion design and merchandising are linked from design to sale. The merchants advise the designer on the market development, get all the specifications from the project buyers, get samples approved and negotiate the price of the final sale. They are also responsible for the shipments being delivered to customers according to schedule. In fashion design and merchandising, it is the merchandisers who usually have bottom responsibility for all projects or departments during the different levels of their career. Most jobs in fashion design and merchandising involve juggling past, present and future work. Merchandisers spend a lot of time evaluating sales from earlier time periods to properly plan and determine future sales goals. In fashion design and merchandising, it is not just about shopping; With fashion design and merchandising, traders must be able to analyze and create a complex business plan aimed at specific buying habits and customers. This requires the ability to forecast trends and then translate them into a profitable business plan for the company.

Whenever a decision is made to create a fashion product and offer it to the consumer, even if it is a child's design or costume, fashion goods trade is involved, including product development, purchase, marketing or handling of the product. Although it only determines which mannequin should meet which direction – The odds are good that someone who is involved in fashion goods trading has the last "OK".

Just as in most fashion jobs, the key to starting is a disciplined study to direct your talent to a successful career. With fashion design and merchandising fields, there are also many opportunities – whether you are in school or not – for internship. These internships should be considered crucial for increasing your career. Real work with experienced industry connections – whether in a design house or in the retail sector – is an important step for the students to meet important industrial staff who have open positions and knowledge to share in fashion design and merchandising.