Coffee bell or an excuse to come with friends for an informal coffee party

Okay, we know you're just the teenager a little nervous about having people over. Or, to be honest, it has been 5 years since someone has gone over your threshold and just the thought of it makes you want to hide under your covers and hug your pillow.

Don't worry, we're here to help. And just like lots of things, baby steps are usually better than taking a big jump. So, instead of telling you how to plan a seated dinner party for 12 years, we start planning a party that is something simple and less threatening, coffee with friends. The operative word here is friends.

Remember that the people you invite are people you like and who like you. They just look forward to an opportunity to get together, they are not out to rate you on how well you stack up to the latest issue of Home and Garden.

So, with that in mind, let's start.

1. The first is the guest list. Think of some people you like that you think would have a little morning together. You do not need to send them a detailed invitation, just download the phone and call them, or send them an email. You can invite 2 or 3 people or 10, but many you are comfortable with.

2. Next, we must decide what to serve. Because we are planning on a morning coffee, let's have coffee, and some kind of roll, quick bread, donut or muffin. You can buy these candies in any grocery store, Sam's Club, Costco or Trader Joe's. Buy what you like and your guests will probably like it too.

3. You can stay here, but let us give your guests a healthy alternative and serve some fruit. You can serve a bunch of grapes or cut an orange in the quarters. If you have a melon of any kind, cut it into cubes or balls.

4. Now for presentation. This is where you can show that you really cared about this party and went to some problems to make it beautiful. We start with the coffee.

Make a pot of coffee so you are ready (Or order it from Starbucks, Peets or Gloria Jeans.) Get cups or mugs ready and put them on a tray or place them on the counter. Put cream or milk or flavored creamer in a pot. DO NOT SERVE THE MATERIAL CORRECTLY PERFORMING THE MAP. Put sugar in a sugar bowl and if you offer low-calorie packages, put them in a small bowl.

If people fix the coffee in place, be sure to give them stirrers (try putting them in a small vase) or spoons to stir the coffee.

5. Decide where to have your coffee. At the kitchen table? Outside in comfortable chairs? In the living room? Wherever it is, make sure the room is busy and looks its best. Put plate or plate on your muffins or donuts and arrange the food smoothly on it. NO TO SERVICE THE PRODUCT FROM THE PLASTIC CONTAINER, THEY ARE FROM THE STORE. Try to put a new flower (from your garden) on your plate to make it look very special.

6. Don't forget the fruit. A fine bowl of grapes or a bowl of cut fruit will be appreciated by everyone.

7. Serve plates and forks and pretty small napkins and you are set.

Hopefully it doesn't sound hard. You know exactly what to do and everything can be bought. You can even get coffee from a place like Starbucks, Peets or Gloria Jeans if you don't want to make your own.

You have invited your favorite people and you know how to showcase your food and spices. All that remains is that you can sit back and relax. Without understanding it, you have just thrown a lovely little coffee party.