Choosing Camo Underwear – A Buying Guide For Guys

Want to get the special lady in your life a little camo underwear for Valentine's Day? Be sure to take a look at this buying guide before removing the wallet to make sure you get something that she will love.

baby Dolls

These removable underwear turn around around the hip area and while the upper part hugs the bristle, the lower half hangs loose and moves away from the body. It's a very cute way to wear something sexy without being terribly revealing. Because they are loose, they are a good camo underwear for women who are not crazy about how they look at the top.


These are thin, stretchy tops that resemble tanks, and they come in all kinds. Some are common, while others are beribboned, neat and jewelry. Some women prefer them to bras, and some women also like having them as tops with jeans. Sexy and functional, a camo cami is one of your best bets when it comes to picking camo underwear.

Boy shorts

This underwear is so named because they are cut a little more like a guys underwear than a woman's bikini underwear. Although boy shorts look good on most women, they look best for longer women or women with long legs. If you have a lady who prefers more coverage from her underwear, these are a great choice.


Many guys love to see their women in pliers, but remember that this camo underwear is best for women who already wear them. If your girl doesn't, get her not a couple!

Underwire Bras

Bras is usually good for almost all women, but most especially for those who are more generously gifted. If so, underwire support is almost a necessity. When choosing camo underwear, you can't go wrong with a cute matching bra and panty set.

General tips:

Make sure you get the right size. If it is too big or too small, it will be unpleasant for her to wear. Check out her underwear box to find sizes, and be sure to ask if some camo underwear are running small or large. You can always ask for help, even when shopping online.

Keep her personal style in mind. Does she like silk and lace, or does she prefer cotton? Is she traditional or more adventurous? Make sure you get one camounderkläder gift that reflects what she would like and wear, not just what you would like her to wear.

Just follow these tips, and you'll find the perfect camo underwear for Valentine's Day.