Baby Potty Training Guide – Useful Tips

Helpful tips

Another technique in baby potty training that works well is to see if they would like to play with some bubbles. If they say yes, ask them to just sit the bottom of the pot first. Take a large empty 32oz yogurt or hammock container and spray into any soap and then fill it halfway with touchable warm water to create some bubbles. Then sit close to them so that they can touch and feel the bubbles and hot water while sitting on the pot. They can feel the flow under the water, or it can take until they touch and feel hot water. Remember to keep the container and sit with them while playing with the bubbles. So do not spill and then slip and fall from it. Do this for a few minutes and remember to keep it fun.

I really believe in this next trick to get them to jaw if your baby likes to rub lotion on the skin, as I did. Let her sit down to be potty and put some lotion on top of both feet. Try using a thick lotion like Eucerin, so it takes a long time to rub into the skin, you can also put some dab on her ankles and legs if needed. What this does is make them relax, redirect their attention and be in a natural shooting position without even knowing it. Which also causes them to let it come naturally. Try to do this during their routine pop time. If you can stay on an exact routine time to eat, sleep and activities, your child will develop a bowel movement. They should have a predictable pooping time. This is when you want to try the lotion on your feet

After they have gone and pee a couple of times, I like to let them run around with a long dress or shirt on and be naked, no diapers or pull up. This gives them a chance to really fall into the desire and take control of the senses. Of course, you have to see them as a hawk and do not release them from your site, or you will surely get unwanted accidents. So be sure to schedule a certain time period to commit this tactic. So you can pay unprecedented attention to this. When they begin to hold their hand over their jaws or make a sudden appearance or any other signal to you, you quickly cut (without DRAMA / HOLLING OR CUT) them up and lead to the pot. Do not do this if you are not comfortable doing it.

Try the rewards program. Have a small basket of small jewelry toys that they can choose from for every successful trip to the pot. If he likes M & Ms use them. If he were to answer a sticker to see the progress, try it. Again, keep it fun and positive. You can move outside if the weather permits. Boys can pee at a certain place if you feel comfortable about it. Or you can get the pot chair out there. Do what works for you.