3 ways to create words for machine embroidery

One of the first things everyone wants to do when they get an embroidery machine is to put letters together to create words and to stack words on patterns. Whether you want to embroider your new grandchild's name on a bib or put your son's name on a t-shirt with his favorite sports icon, you need a way to create ...

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Photographic specialties

There are a lot of Americans who think photography is about taking pictures. However, there are so many specialties you can come in if they go to school for photography. First, there are many schools for those who want to focus on just one type of photography. For example, a photographer can specialize in taking only senior photos. Below you ...

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You are the parent of your way, I come to my parents!

Recently while at my daughters the first baseball game of the season was involved in a conversation between two fathers. I had no idea who these fathers were or who their children were. Just that their boys were on the same team as my daughter. Let me tell me that I am not in gossip, not a drama queen, not ...

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