A Music Filled Party Is A Hit For Kids

This is going to be a birthday party full of energy and excitement. The noise level may be more than you had anticipated but you can not beat the smiles that will be on their faces. Make sure you applaud for all of them who get out there and sing!

Make sure your guests know this will be a kid's karaoke party so they can plan accordingly. You can go the extra mile by asking them to dress up as their favorite music artists. Coming in costume will help to set the stage for the music that is going to be delivered by the kids. The party should be limited to a few hours because it will be hard to hold their attention too long.

You can make your own in the shape of a record and write on them with white marks. You can also use regular invitations but put some musical note stickers on them to jazz them up. Create something fun they will be excited to see!

You can offer an assortment of props for the kids to use while they perform too. This can include blingy items, scarves, shoes, belts, sunglasses, and wigs. It is going to be fun to see the great costumes they can create. They may decide to change it up each time they perform to go with the theme of the song on the list.

Make a Stage
Be creative and make a stage for the kid's karaoke party where they will perform. Put some chairs out for others to listen to them. There should be a dance area too so they can decide to go out there and show their moves while they listen. Offering such a mix of fun activities including games can ensure everyone finds something they are thrilled to participate with.

Make sure you know how to operate all of the equipment and you set it up early. If you have hiccups with these items it can put a damper on the kid's karaoke party. Test out the screen for the words, the machine, and the microphone. It is a good idea to have a second microphone available for duets too.

Go through the playlist for the kid's karaoke party so you know what they have to pick from. You do not want to let anything slide through that may be deemed as inappropriate. Sadly, some lyrics these days for catchy tunes really are not the best for kids to be singing! You do not want to have any upset parents.

Offer a wide variety of songs though so they can find something they really want to perform. Kids will get out there and entertain because they do not have all the same inhibitions as most adults do. They will be silly and they will enjoy it no matter how well they sing or if they are out of sync with the karaoke timing.

Contests and Snacks
Offer some prizes at the kid's karaoke party for the best costume and the best performance. You can ask some of the adults to serve as a panel of judges. These prizes do not have to be expensive or elaborate for them to be exciting for the participants to win. Offer plenty of drinks and snacks for the guests to enjoy. They will work up an appetite with all of the moving around!